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Our experience in data capture and information processing has allowed us to develop specific solutions for multiple business units. Please click below to learn more about these solutions, or contact us today.

Accounting & Finance

Automated processing can speed the processing of applications and invoices by 90% or more – saving time and improving customer service while reducing manual data entry.

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We created solutions for federal, state, and local government agencies designed to improve their service, streamline operations, and reduce costs while increasing productivity.

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Our team has tremendous experience serving OCR needs of many manufacturing organizations in  wide range of industry sectors, helping them cut costs and increase data processing

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Streamlining paperwork processing and more efficient document processing can make your transportation more competitive. Let WiseTrend help you cut costs and increase cash flow.

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Quickly process information from students, faculty, or parents by implementing a solution that works within your financial, organizational and infrastructure constraints.

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eDiscovery & Legal

We offer a unique image-to-text conversion system that exceeds requirements for service & processing speed, integrating with popular existing platforms.

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Medical & Healthcare

We have developed systems for outcomes measurement, patient satisfaction surveys, quality and risk management reporting and clinical trials information systems.

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We have a wide range of experience working with all sorts of industries and document types, which means your organization benefits from our success.

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