Installation variations and multi-user environment ABBYY FlexiCapture

by Ilya Evdokimov | Jun 21, 2012 | data capture

Installation variations and multi-user environment ABBYY FlexiCapture

ABBYY FlexiCapture (9.0 and 10.0) is a powerful form processing and data capture software (OCR, ICR, OMR, Barcode).  FlexiCapture technology comes in two installation types depending on project needs and preferred use scenarios: Standalone and Distributed.


Standalone installation is a single-user software (like MS Word) where entire software package is installed on a single workstation.

  1.  Ideally suited for 1 to 2 users running the entire process on their workstations.
  2.  Simple installation and deployment
  3.  Simple fully automated workflow


Distributed installation uses a server-client environment to separate tasks and roles between multiple machines and multiple users.

  •  Ideal for larger enterprise and government projects, or logically and physically distributed tasks
  •  More than one operator/computer involved in processing, each performing different tasks
  •  Distributed installation with the set of dedicated servers and stations
  •  Highly scalable Processing Server with automatic load balancing and task management
  •  Advanced automated workflow
  •  Windows security and advanced user-rights management
  •  Remote and Web-based operations
  •  Advanced monitoring, statistics and reports

For more information about FlexiCapture please see:


ABBYY FlexiCapture can be installed in several different ways, depending on preferred use scenarios.  Slightly different installation method is used for each scenario, so please decide prior to purchasing your license or performing the actual installation.

  1. Standalone installation, single user.  This setup is the simplest and allows only one computer to use the software.  The ‘software key’ license for the FlexiCapture software is residing on this computer only.  For additional computers, separate licenses need to be purchased.  This installation is equivalent to dedicated per-seat licensing.
  2. Standalone installation, multiple users.  Think of it as part-time or movable installation.  We can provide you with a USB key (like this:  You can install the software on as many computers as you would like, but the software will work only when this special USB key plugged into one computer.  That computer can use the license, which will reside inside of the key.  In other words, this is a floating license – whoever has the key plugged in has the license.  This is a good option if there are consecutive shifts or part-time personnel that need to share the license.  USB key is moved around physically form machine to machine.  This is the same software use as in #1, but allows the license to be moved around between computers.
  3. Distributed installation, single and multiple users.  This is a highly scaleable enterprise-level package for FlexiCapture technology.  FlexiCapture is installed on Server and Workstations.  In this installation, Server stores the license and performs specific project and workflow management roles, as well as performing automated tasks such as image import, recognition and export.  Workstations (separate UI clients) can perform different roles from separate workstation computers connected via LAN or WAN to the server.  Workstations perform such tasks as scanning, verification, project setup, etc.  Multiple workstations can share workload concurrently.  For example, multiple operators can share Verification work if your Distributed license supports multiple Verification station instances.

Deciding which installation is right for you depends on number of users in your process, their roles and desired workflow.  We can assist in studying your desired needs and preferences and selecting the best environment for your specific project.