OCR-IT Featured as an Exhibitor Sponsor at Apttus Accelerate 2015

by Ilya Evdokimov | Apr 09, 2015 | OCR Blog

OCR-IT Featured as an Exhibitor Sponsor at Apttus Accelerate 2015

Apttus Accelerate 2015

Fremont, CA, 2015 – OCR-IT, a provider of world-class OCR technology for document processing and automation solutions, is being featured as an exhibitor sponsor at Apttus Accelerate 2015, being held at the prestigious Palace Hotel in downtown San Francisco from April 7–10, 2015.

OCR-IT is exhibiting its highly accurate optical character recognition (OCR) technology, services, and software. Its OCR technology is capable of recognizing 190 different languages and is available for organizations who are either looking to migrate to Apttus or are existing Apttus clients.

For organizations interested in migrating to Apttus, OCR-IT is showcasing its high-volume OCR services, which help clients migrate large, existing libraries of contracts, agreements, and other legal documents to the digital world of Apttus.  OCR-IT prepares and provides documents optimized specifically for Apttus ecosystem.

“With our high-volume OCR services, our clients are able to convert huge volumes of faxes, images, and other unsearchable documents and agreements into highly compressed, searchable PDFs that retain the documents’ original look and feel. This gives our clients the ability to extract and analyze the specific content and data contained within them,” said Ilya Evdokimov, the lead architect behind OCR-IT. “This service has been saving our customers tremendous amounts of resources and money, which they previously needed to manually manage these large volumes of unstructured information.”

For legal organizations that are already Apttus customers, OCR-IT offers a simple solution to convert daily documents into searchable PDFs almost effortlessly.  This OCR-IT system, contrary to every other available solution, has no User Interface (UI), virtually zero user training requirements, while empowering every user in an organization to have access to high quality text recognition.

“With a single license, an entire organization can easily convert all their legal documents into PDFs with searchable content on a daily basis,” explained Mr. Evdokimov. “Our OCR solution for these organizations is very simple. It requires no user interface and no user training to learn the process.  You simply drop the files to convert into an assigned input folder located on your network, and then you retrieve the converted files a short time later in an assigned output folder.”

About OCR-IT

OCR-IT LLC provides Optical Character Recognition (OCR), document recognition, form processing, and data capture solutions through cloud-based online platforms. In addition, OCR-IT provides large-volume document conversion services for libraries, archives, and corporate and e-discovery clients. For developers and integrators, OCR-IT provides access to an online, cloud-based OCR API for mobile devices, as well as for any Web-connected devices or platforms.