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New and Existing Apttus Users: Apttus Contract Management

For Organizations Migrating to Apttus.

Migrate Your Contracts, Agreements, and Other Legal Documents to the Digital World with OCR-IT

The task can seem overwhelming and almost impossible, trying to organize, manage, and analyze a large volume of unstructured documents, and the information contained within them. In today’s fast-paced environment, having the ability to extract, search and analyze this data rapidly and efficiently is essential to be a productive and profitable organization.

OCR-IT offers the best optical character recognition technologies and document processing services available for Apttus contract management, extracting locked content to be used in e-discovery, corporate intelligence, and analytics gathering. OCR-IT’s solution includes:

  • Legacy Document Archives Analysis
  • Discovery Process – Locate agreements in various sources and formats (i.e faxes, images of
    documents, unsearchable PDFs, etc.)
  • Bulk Import – One-time standardization and import of documents into Apttus
  • Multi-Language Detection – Documents with multiple languages are automatically
  • High Volume OCR – One-time conversion of entire document library to searchable pdfs,
    preserving the document look and feel while adding a searchable sub-layer
  • High-Quality Text Results – Best on-the-market text recognition quality
  • Advanced Compression – Highly compressed PDF with least quality degradation
  • Specific Content Data Extraction and Analysis

One, Simple Process for Migrating Your Legacy Documentation

OCR-IT has the infrastructure to handle large volumes of documents in multiple formats. Documents to be processed can be sent to OCR-IT via FTP, Box, Dropbox, SkyDrive or some other secure cloud-based storage or physical delivery. OCR-IT will receive the documents, load for processing, check the process status, and send back processed documents via the same method as the original transfer.

Existing Apttus Users

Convert Your Daily Documents to Searchable PDFs Almost Effortlessly

With legal contracts, agreements and other documentation being created on a daily basis, wouldn’t it be convenient to have one, simple solution to effortlessly convert and standardize all documents into searchable, clean PDFs?

With OCR-IT’s world-class optical character recognition software, with a single license, your entire organization can easily convert all documentation into searchable PDFs, without having to deal with user-training or learning a new user-interface. Simply drop your agreements/document files into an input folder, where OCR-IT software automatically converts and optimizes them, and places the converted files in an output folder. With OCR-IT, your organization will be able to:

  • Create searchable PDFs from documents originating in multiple formats and coming from
    multiple sources
  • Convert documentation in 190 languages with world-class OCR
  • Convert documentation with no user interface and no user training necessary
  • Extract full-text content from every page of every document
  • View every document in any standard PDF viewer preserving original look and feel
  • Search very document based on the underlying text layer

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