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Banking & Finance

Enterprise Capture For Document Driven Processes

Lower Costs While Increasing Efficiency

WiseTrend Solution save the costs of storing, processing, and classifying paper documents manually by automating data entry and categorization, and standardizing document capture processes.

Streamline and automate daily operations such as opening accounts, credit card application management, and loan and mortgage processing.

WiseTrend Solution help ensure regulatory compliance, save money and protect an institution’s reputation with the power to trace data, assign data confidentiality levels based on meaning, complete full audits, and detect and prevent fraud.

Usage Scenarios

Here are some real world scenarios where our solutions can improve your organizations data processing and accuracy.

Mortgage Loan Processing

Document and data capture can make the entire process more efficient, from early capture of mortgage applications and classification of supporting documents to the export of data to relevant back-end processes.

New Accounts

Automates the opening of bank accounts so institutions can eliminate costly and error-prone manual work, ensure high-quality data and shorten the overall process.

Archiving Financial Documents

Automates the processing of financial documents, and the organization and archiving of client files.


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