Capture Products, Data Capture Products, confused?

by Ilya Evdokimov | Mar 10, 2010 | data capture

Image Capture software often just called Capture, and Data Capture software

All technology markets are guilty of coming up with at least one or two confusing terms. In the document imaging world, it’s terms with very similar sounding names. They are technically similar, but strictly different.

One of the most confusing things in the imaging world is the difference between Image Capture software often just called Capture, and Data Capture software. Not only are the names confusing, but technically there is a lot of overlap. All data capture products have imaging capabilities, all capture products have basic data capture. The risk of the confusion is replacing one product for the other. For example, organizations that attempt to take the data capture functionality built into a capture application for a full blown project, end with little success and a lot of frustration. Let me explain where they fit.

Capture products have the primary function of delivering quality images in a proper document structure. They often feature image clean-up, review, and page splitting tools that are more advanced then the scanning found in data capture applications. Most demonstrate what is called rubber-band OCR, the reading of a specific coordinate on a page. Some go as far as creating templates where coordinates zones are saved. This is where the solutions get confused with data capture. Until there is a registration of documents and proper forms processing approaches, it is not data capture. The risk of such basic templates is low accuracy and zones that do not always collect data.

Data capture products need images to function, so it was an obvious choice to add scanning to the solutions. These solutions however are better fed by a full capture application that has the performance and additional features such as batch naming, annotations, page splitting, etc. that the organization may require in the resulting image files. For data capture, the purpose of image capture is for getting data only and sometimes neglect the features that are important for image storage and archival.

In the end, both solutions are improving in the other’s territory. Eventually the lines will blur to the point where feature-wise they will be identical, and the benefit of one over the other will be rooted in the vendors expertise, either capture or data capture. If your primary requirement is quality images, the capture vendors solution is best chosen, but if it’s data extraction, then data capture rooted solutions are better.

Chris Riley – Industry Expert