Commonly Requested Managed Services

Commonly Requested Managed Services

Document Processing

If you have the need for fast and accurate document processing, we have the solution for you. Regardless of the size of your project or types of documents- invoices, receipts, health assessment forms, surveys-WiseTrend will provide you the clean data in a timely manner.

An organization can benefit from managed services to ensure their documents are processed effortlessly and eliminate the need to hire in-house staff. WiseTrend works with you to lean out unnecessary steps that may hinder the accurate processing of your data.

Our highly qualified team can manage your entire project, send us the completed documents and our team will handle the rest. We will scan, extract, validate the data and deliver clean digital content back to you in the type of file of your preference i.e. Excel, CSV, PGP, etc. We also offer permanent destruction services.

Example Forms:

  • Surveys
  • Registration Cards Questionnaires
  • Assessments
  • Invoices Purchase Orders
  • Medical Claims
  • EOBs

Document Scanning Services

Our team is equipped with a high-volume scanner and we can support short- or long-term scanning projects of various volume sizes. We can manage your project from beginning to end, after scanning we can verify/correct the data and return clean digital content back to you in the file type of your preference.

Invoices Processing

Fully automated accounts payable process is faster and up to 85% cheaper than the manual one, while it saves the most precious resource of each organization – employees time. Then why so many organizations still do it manually or semi-automatically? Reading incoming invoices and extracting data for payments is often a bottleneck of this process. It is usually done manually because invoices have different formats and layouts, so finding the required data takes human intelligence.

However, there is a better way – using Intelligent Document Processing technology for automatic reading invoices and extracting data. Here is how intelligent invoice processing technology works: 

  • It collects invoices from all sources: email, scanners and hot folders and saves them in a single location.
  • It sorts them out, identifies vendors, extracts payment data, and puts it into a structured form.
  • It performs automatic rule-based validation and in case of exceptions – routes them to a human validator.
  • It uploads 100% reliable data to your ERP via pre-built connectors or your favorite RPA solution.

Form Design & Management

We offer a variety of form design services to satisfy your company needs. Some common tasks include:

  • Creation of custom-branded machine-readable forms with your own logo, corporate colors, version and modification control.
  • Creating custom-branded Web Portals for easier online form distribution.
  • Creation of custom reports for your business needs.

Backfile Conversion  

Many companies are looking to digitize historical documents/files in order to be more efficient, reduce office space while being compliant. Our highly skilled team is a perfect fit for these types of one-time projects. We can provide onsite or offsite management, handling, scanning, and processing to digitize your document/file library quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.