Form Design

by Ilya Evdokimov | Jul 31, 2020 | ABBYY

Companies using data capture technology don’t always have the option to modify the design of their forms or create new forms. When the opportunity is there, take advantage of it. A form that is well designed helps the success of the form being automated.

variety of form design services

At WiseTREND we offer a variety of form design services to meet your business needs using Abbyy design software.

  • Creation of custom-branded machine-readable forms with your own logo, corporate colors, version, unique bar-codes, and modification control. Some form examples are invoices, contracts, surveys, healthcare questionnaires, etc.
  • Optimization of existing forms
  • Quality data extraction and classification guaranteed
  • Creating a machine-readable form from an existing document
  • Creating custom-branded Web Portals for easier online form distribution

Machine-readable forms have important elements present to help the efficiency of the form. These are some of the most common:

  • Text – an element that has descriptive text like field names etc.
  • Entry Fields – an entry field is a machine-readable field where the text is entered. There are different marking types like text over a line, text in conjoined frames, isolated frames, over a comb format, a frame format, and a frame with a comb format.
  • Checkmark Field – a Checkmark field, often called a checkbox. It can be a square, circle, or underline.
  • Checkmark Group – a checkmark group is a question with several checkmark fields and only one must be checked.
  • Reference Mark – a reference mark is used to facilitate the recognition of the form. Standard reference marks are a square, corner, cross, or timing mark.
  • Form Identifier – a form identifier is used for document identification at the time of processing.

abbyy form desinger

All these elements will help with the recognition and accurate verification of the form and will help with the time spent verifying.

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