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Over the past many months OCR-IT Development Team has been working hard to create a new and exciting set of features and capabilities.  This is our biggest revision and addition of features since the launch of the OCR Cloud several years ago.

Did you know? This high-quality OCR platform has been one of the first APIs available on the market for wide development use, delivering OCR without any startup costs.  Easy, inexpensive, good.

Did you know? Early versions of this OCR system were in production even before the world new of Amazon Elastic Cloud (EC2) or what cloud architecture could do.  This is one of most mature platforms on the market today.

Over the period of next several weeks we will be releasing and announcing new features, some of which will include:

  • New News & Updates system (you are reading the first letter – this letter)
  • New security and management protocols
  • New subscription and management portal
  • Improvements in speed of text recognition
  • Profiles – fine-tuned processing scenarios
  • OCR-IT Cloud Data Capture (TM) – revolutionary methods for extracting standardized data
  • Addition of handwriting support
  • Addition of new languages
  • …many more…
If you have experienced some slowdown in recent weeks, we apologize for any inconveniences.  It was necessary to update parts of our system.  Please be assured that reliability and responsiveness are among our top priorities.

We are eager to announce some new features as soon as with next few days.

Your OCR-IT Team


OCR-IT LLC is an expert in OCR, document recognition, forms processing and data capture solutions served through cloud-based online platforms. OCR-IT provides large-volume document conversion services for libraries, archives, corporate and e-discovery clients. For developers and technologists, OCR-IT provides online OCR API access to integrate high-quality OCR into their solutions. For additional company and product information, please visit:

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