OCR Cloud 2.0 API

OCR Cloud 2.0 is a cloud-based state of the art hosted OCR platform designed to convert millions of pages ACCURATELY and EFFICIENTLY at unbeatable prices.  It requires no complex software licensing or purchases, and provides easy access to best OCR technology for integrations within minutes.

To meet growing needs in distributed applications and mobile markets, OCR-IT LLC created OCR Cloud 2.0 – the next generation document conversion platform – a flexible, efficient, powerful and scalable platform that can handle high volumes of pages and large numbers of requests. By combining the best of breed OCR engines and industry leading system integration expertise, OCR Cloud 2.0 now offer the highest accuracy document conversion at unbeatable prices.


OCR Cloud 2.0 platform can convert virtually any image (TIF, JPG, PNG, BMP) or PDF to any standard text-based document type (TXT, DOC, RTF, XLS, PPT, XML, HTML) or searchable PDF.

Auto-language detection and support for over 200 languages including: Latin based languages Cyrillic based languages Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Hebrew.


One of most powerful automated ways to reach OCR Cloud 2.0 is through Web-based API.  This innovative capability provides software application developers with flexible powerful access to best-in-marketplace award-winning OCR on demand and without any initial investments.  Free Trial and production subscriptions are available online through an automated portal.


Accurate and 100% automated to ensure privacy
The OCR Cloud 2.0 is built on high accuracy automated text recognition technology and modern state of art platform. How accurate? Benchmark tests show that recognition from OCR-IT LLC delivers accuracy that is virtually on par with leading OCR software alternatives.  A free development account offers full access to API for your own evaluation.

Privacy and Security of data

OCR Cloud 2.0 is a fully automated service without any human intervention.  This is important, since you as developers, as well as your users, want to make certain that their images are secure and private.  OCR-IT LLC understands that and treats security and privacy among our top priorities.  Our security mechanisms provide variety of controls at your fingertips to access and delete your image once the process completes.

OCR on Mobile devices

OCR Cloud 2.0 is a powerful Web-based API which allows developers of mobile and small footprint applications to integrate highly accurate Optical Character Recognition technologies that convert images and photographs into manageable, usable and searchable text.  With advanced binarization, image pre-processing and filtering algorithms, OCR Cloud 2.0 produces quality results even from less than perfect pictures.

Text Recognition as a Service (SaaS)

Developers can access the OCR Cloud 2.0 via an HTTP(S) interface.  Whenever and wherever text recognition is required, images are transmitted to the OCR Cloud 2.0 using this interface.  Once transmitted, the images are processed in the Cloud where OCR is performed. The recognition result is returned via the same interface, either by querying for result or notification. The OCR-It OCR Cloud 2.0 is a robust platform designed to operate at scale.  It is commercially deployed in numerous distributed or mobile environments.

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