OCR-IT Announces a Powerful Cloud-Based OCR API for Ad-Hoc Integrators and Mobile Developers

by Ilya Evdokimov | Aug 29, 2011 | OCR Cloud API

OCR-IT Announces a Powerful Cloud-Based OCR API for Ad-Hoc Integrators and Mobile Developers


This press release has been published on August 29, 2011 here: http://www.i-newswire.com/ocr-it-delivers-a-powerful-cloud/126874

August 30, 2011 – OCR-IT LLC, a fast-growing document conversion and image processing company, today announced public availability of its newest cloud-based OCR Web API, code-named “OCR Cloud 2.0”. The platform ties together high-quality Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies from several leading manufacturers through a powerful HTTP POST API. The API allows developers with various backgrounds and working environments to access powerful image and picture cleanup tools and text recognition algorithms. Optical character recognition supports over 50 Latin and Cyrillic languages, provides enhanced control over text extraction and supports a wide selection of output formats.

“As today’s mobile cameras, such as in iPhone 4 and soon to be released iPhone 5, as well as Android-based phones and tablets, continue to increase picture quality, smart developers are looking for new and creative ways to combine these data-gathering resources together with this Web OCR API to create applications that excite end users,” said principals at OCR-IT. “By offering this advanced OCR API, OCR Cloud 2.0 offers developers a chance to create applications that have low costs in development and usage but can lead in innovation.”

Historically, high quality OCR has been developed for Windows platform, while other popular operating systems such as Mac OS and Linux, and mobile platforms such as iOS and Android, are left with inferior OCR technologies. OCR-IT OCR Cloud 2.0 erases these boundaries with high-quality Optical Character Recognition and accurate text extraction from any Web-enabled platform, making it truly OS-independent. Now, every developer can utilize this feature-rich powerful productivity technology to create a variety of never-seen-before applications.

The initial release of OCR Cloud was developed over two years ago by WiseTREND (https://www.wisetrend.com), a leading integrator and custom development firm for advanced OCR and data capture solutions. The API has been adopted by thousands of developers worldwide. Developers serving various industries have reported hundreds of successful implementations including internal corporate projects, the development of e-discovery processes and the creation of mobile applications, as well as for the addition of OCR support on operating systems that have no native support for OCR capabilities.

“OCR-IT LLC takes over OCR Cloud 2.0 with the creation of the second generation of capabilities,” said OCR-IT representative. “With the continued participation of the WiseTREND team, we will continue full-force development of this API so that it will fulfill its promise as one of the most powerful cloud-based OCR platforms in the marketplace today.”

Developers can sign up for a FREE development account and start integration into their applications immediately. With a few lines of code, programmers can start processing images form any Web-enabled computer or mobile device. Full documentation and comprehensive code samples in different programming languages are provided. For more information and additional documentation, visit: http://www.ocr-it.com/ocr-cloud-2-0-api

About WiseTREND (the developer and lead partner in OCR Cloud 2.0 API initiative)
WiseTREND, a power-integrator of OCR, document recognition, form processing and data capture technologies and solutions, works with a variety of organizations to successfully utilize the most powerful technologies of today and create competitive technologies of tomorrow. The company helps to solve business challenges through state-of-the-art document processing solutions, techniques, efficiency, and innovation. For additional company and product information, please visit: https://www.wisetrend.com