OCR-IT Team attended Apps World 2013 tradeshow in San Francisco – post visit summary

by Ilya Evdokimov | Feb 13, 2013 | Clients

Apps World 2013 tradeshow in San Francisco

Apps World 2013

If your have attended Apps World 2013 last week, you could not have missed OCR-IT corner booth right in front of ‘Media & Speakers Lounge”. OCR-IT Team members were wearing bright yellow sweaters and gave away environmentally-friendly carry bags, cell phone stands, and other items to booth visitors.  We had many great conversations, suggestions about future cloud-based OCR products, questions about API and valuable feedback about our existing services.   It was interesting to see people look at our diagrams for a few seconds, and then exclaim “That’s a good idea!” or “I did not know that was possible!” or “I could definitely use it in my apps!“.

OCR-IT Corner Booth

On the first day over 7,000 attendees walked the show floor learning about new and emerging technologies, major service providers, and big-name players in Apps and Mobile markets.  OCR-IT shared two major offerings: OCR-IT Cloud 2.0 API and Managed OCR Services.

Visitors attended seminars, visited vendor booths, and overall enjoyed modern high-tech environment between sessions.

Visitors relaxing between sessionsOCR-IT Team members demonstrated OCR capabilities on the spot via Web browser and mobile apps created by other third-party developers using OCR-IT API on iPhone, iPad, Android devices.  Visitors asked to take pictures of signs, their badges, business cards, receipts, books they were carrying and other text-based documents just to see how OCR-IT could process them.  Within a few seconds of processing and after seeing processing results in digital text, they were impressed with high accuracy of OCR from OCR-IT Web service.  It was great to see their reaction, smiles, and sparkles in their eyes as numerous ideas how to use OCR-IT services jumped into their minds.

Second day

The second day was slower, and OCR-IT Team had more time to speak to visitors about details of implementations.  We had many through conversations and believe that we aided many developers to overcome challenges they were facing before our conversations.

Here is a time-laps video from the morning of the second day.

It was great experience to meet many of our users and developers face-to-face.  We thank you for attending the show and meeting with us.  We also thank our global visitors for stopping by our website and using our services!

Your OCR-IT Team.