On-Demand Verification Services

by Ilya Evdokimov | Jul 28, 2020 | ABBYY

Services for On-Demand Verification

Do you have an unexpected amount of work coming your way and do not have the resources to meet your SLAs? At WiseTREND we offer on-demand verification services, this solution is like having a virtual team of highly qualified senior verifiers readily available. By leveraging our remote verification services, you can save time and money!

Why choose us?

  • It’s Cost-effective
  • Eliminate Bottlenecks
  • No minimum set of documents required.
  • Reduce Overtime
  • Eliminate hiring and training temporary staff
  • Quality and SLA guarantee
  • HIPAA and SOC2 Compliant
  • You have complete control of what we see and verify.

The process is simple. When it comes to extracting data from images or converting paper documents to searchable PDFs you have several choices. Here are some options:

  •  You can purchase the necessary scanning hardware (servers and scanners), you purchase our award-winning Abbyy FlexiCapure software, we help you design and configure template layouts and train a team of verifiers to bridge the gap between machine efficiency and your desired 100% accuracy.
  •  You only purchase the software and connect to our hosted cloud solution using Abbyy Flexicapture that already has the system pre-configured and all you have to do, is upload your images and perform the verification. Or you can allow us to do the verification for you. The only hardware you would need is the Internal scanners of your choice.
  •  You send the images or documents to our Service Bureau and we send you back the results.

No hardware or software to purchase, no team to train, and no layouts to build. We take the burden of implementing a new system and learning a new solution out of the equation. Our highly qualified team does everything behind the scenes and lets you focus on running and growing your business. Here’s how a typical engagement looks like. Some examples of inquiries are:

  • The brief conversation of the files you want to be converted. For example, an invoice, we use the best invoice scanning software to ensure the most accurate invoice capture.
  •  The layout using Abbyy FlexiCapture and Export settings are configured by our team and hot folders are set up for automatic ingestion of the images and can also be used to return the completed files to you.
  •  Our team will fully test a sample using Abbyy software, set, and get your approval on the results.
  •  Set the SLA you require on your documents.
  •  Start sending us the documents and let our team handle the rest. If you don’t have a scanner then simply ship us the documents and we will use our high-quality document scanning software to begin the scanning process of your forms.