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Outsourced Data Verification

One of our biggest strengths came about several years ago by accident. It started off by simply offering one of our clients to ‘kick them off’ after they purchased a ABBYY FlexiCapture solution and were on a tight deadline to get documents scanned and processed. The plan was to verify their work for them for a week via the Remote Web Verification modules that are included with the solution in order for them to train their staff on the new system. One week turned into two, two weeks turned into a month and then the client just asked “Can you guys just do it for us?”

That sparked something we hadn’t thought about before…a ‘Hybrid’ solution. The Hybrid solution is where the customer owns the environment (hardware and software) and they prefer our team that specializes in remotely document processing via the web verification module and process their work. This allows them to meet certain business rules where the physical documents and electronic data never leave their environment. Not only does the data never leave their environment but they get the peace of mind of having seasoned verification specialists processing their data. By allowing WiseTREND to remote in and process their verification queues they are able to keep their team focused on their business and performing functions that they do best.

No need to hire or train new staff….GENIUS!


What if I told you that there is something better out there than paying overtime and/or hiring temporary staff? Well there is! And that is our “Overflow Processing Team”. Similar concept to our Outsourced Data Verification except instead of us performing all the work, you call us when you need us and we’ll be on your system that same day.
Think of us as your personally trained temporary staff that is ready to go on short notice and that will WOW you with our effectiveness. Better yet, think of us as the Army Reserves ready and trained to battle your bottlenecks and backlog. That sounds much better.

We might even be able to point out some tips or suggestions on how to streamline the process since we do this for a living. By outsourcing services to us you rest at ease and focus on internal growth. Our employees are highly trained and ready to go at moment’s notice. 

We will document your business rules and stay current with your projects even when you don’t need us. We will be ready to go “as-needed” resources to take on your unexpected volume increases i.e. recurring peak volumes, staffing variances, production gaps, processing license shortages, seasonal staff overhead and cases where you may want to hand off some or all your pending projects to our highly qualified team.

This is a service for companies with their own in-house software, or companies with cloud-based accounts where automatic processing needs to be supplemented with human-driven verification, validation, auditing and through data export. Our team is ready to seamlessly complete your process by enhancing it with the “human” resources frequently missing or bottle necking in-house production.

Here are a few things our clients are saying. Because of NDA’s in place, we cannot disclose who they are:

Our workload is very seasonal and I struggled with trying to find quality temporary staff to help us during our peaks. I dreaded having to train new staff each time because it was so time consuming. I tried requesting the previous ones I had trained before but they are never available or have gone on to find permanent jobs. When I found WiseTrend, and tried out their Overflow Processing services, I was amazed at how quickly they grasped our business rules for various forms and not to mention they were already trained! I highly recommend using them for your verification needs
Makes total business sense
I was using Data Analysts to process our verification needs on a daily basis. After finding WiseTrend, I can now have my team focus on analyzing data and not processing forms
We are a Service Bureau and have a 72-hour SLA with several clients. It is more cost effective for us to reach out to WiseTrend when we need help than to pay for our staff overtime or hire new agents. It’s a Win-Win for us!

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