by Ilya Evdokimov | Sep 23, 2019 | Accuracy


We provide this service for companies with their own in-house software, or companies with cloud-based accounts where automatic processing needs to be supplemented with human-driven verification, validation, and auditing. Our team is set up to seamlessly complete your process by enhancing it with the “human” resources frequently missing or bottlenecking in-house production.

Outsourcing Benefits to Your Business

Many businesses outsource their Data Verification Services in a cost-effective way. The outsourced data verification services take care during verification, identifying the correct numbers verifying the fields and cross-checking them if required and providing the exported data to you in the format you prefer which can be manipulated and reviewed.

Advantages of This Service Are as Follows

Accuracy: When the data is entered into the computer, it gets checked and verified. The verified data is checked for the highest percentage of accuracy before exporting the data.

Organized Data: The data after going through this processing becomes very well organized and purposeful.

Manageable Data: The data after verification is organized and easy to handle. The data is then exported in the format requested by the client with the requirements, labels, and organization preferred. As the data is now digitized and the format the client requested, it is easy to manage with a few clicks.

Compatibility: The data is compatible with all kinds of databases and software, customized to the client’s needs.

Data Conversion: Specific required fields can accurately be extracted from scanned copies of PDF forms or images. The data can be converted and exported to any kind of format such as PDF, Excel, etc.

Some additional benefits to outsourcing data verification:

  • Outsourcing Data Verification is a cost-effective solution.
  • 24/7 communication with the team handling your project and the ability to collaborate to ensure all of your needs are met during the process.
  • Effective, accurate, and manageable exported data.
  • Experienced professionals with data verification.