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Are you Ready to Migrate your Contracts, Agreements, and Other Legal Documents to the Digital World?

For many decades, any and every organization collected, stored, and managed contracts, agreements, NDAs, and other critically important documents in various ways.

Some companies relied, and still do, on paper file cabinets, drawers, desks, or even shipments off-site to Iron Mountain™. These methods are prone to business and legal issues, liabilities, management costs and overhead, access limitations, and numerous other inconveniences. Some companies took steps to managing scanned documents, usually in PDF or TIF formats or some other format created through digital faxing or some rudimentary file-management system. These document-management techniques rely on managing images, in which no more than a few index values are entered by operators, and the content of these image-based documents is hidden from corporate intelligence and discovery. For this reason, frequently, these documents are referred to as “dumb PDFs.”

Today, there are numerous benefits to extracting locked content to be used in e-discovery, corporate intelligence, and analytics gathering. WiseTREND offers a number of solutions and services to assist in contract migration from the analog and static to the digital world.

WiseTREND document conversion services can assist with every part of transition and migration, specifically:

Paper Scanning

If you documents are in paper form, we will assist you with going paperless quickly and efficiently. We will either train your personnel to convert all paper documents to electronic files in-house, or we can perform the work ourselves, or we will connect you with our local partners who specialize in document scanning. This is an important step in achieving success, as scanning settings and associated processes will affect the next steps, such as overall automation and document-processing quality. Please be sure to contact the WiseTREND experts for guidance on document scanning.

Full Text Extraction

This process uses advanced, high-quality OCR, powered by the WiseTREND cloud, to extract full-text content from every page of every document. Scanned images in various formats are converted to text-based electronic documents, where full content becomes accessible, searchable, and, in some cases, editable. These digital documents can be used for full-text indexing, easier retrieval, and e-discovery. Searchable PDFs preserve all documents in their original look and feel, just like an image when it was scanned, but it now contains a full text layer underneath that image.

As a result, every document can be viewed in any standard PDF viewer as an image, with all original signatures, highlights, and notations visible as they were in the original. Every document can also be searched based on the underlying text layer, where every term is now accessible. For example, when viewing the document, pressing CTRL+F (the standard keyboard shortcut for the Find operation in most viewers) allows the user to enter any search term, such as the word “contingent.” This operation will find every instance of “contingent” in the document and will automatically jump to the appropriate page and highlight the specific area of the document containing this word. No more tedious visual searching and wasted time looking for terms, which is prone to human error.

Once all documents are converted to Searchable PDFs, they can be added to some document repository, such as SharePoint(TM), Apttus(TM), SalesForce(TM), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management), or other enterprise systems, where a full index can be created. This allows comprehensive searches and retrieval of documents based on any content throughout the entire library. For example, if there is a request to find every document with “John Smith” present in its context, this task can be achieved in seconds, compared to days or weeks when paper-based processes are used.

This full-page OCR document conversion service is recommended to every company, whether full-text indexing is used or not at this current moment. More and more document storage and management platforms add this feature to their standard offerings. This will allow you to gain a head start and future-proof your documents for efficient storage and retrieval, even if the current repository system may not have these capabilities.

Keyword Extraction

The process of targeted keywords and terms extraction and field capture takes content analytics to the next level by specifically locating and recording desired data from every document and providing this data in a structured, database-like format for further processing. For example, besides making an agreement fully text-searchable, some systems can also use index values describing this document for sorting, routing, and other analytical processes. Typical terms extracted from an agreement can be, but are not limited to, dates, terms, party names, signatures, dollar amounts, clauses, and any other customer-defined data that may be useful to a specific company. We use advanced, automated, and operator-driven processes to scrub every document for targeted data. Captured terms are verified for accuracy. Exceptions are triaged and handled by skilled operators via quality-controlled procedures. A typical delivery from this service will be structured data containing fixed, predetermined values for each document in some standard flat-file format, such as TXT, CSV, XLS, or XML.

WiseTREND offers a full suite of technologies and document conversion services tailor-fit to any company’s needs. Our time-proven, out-of-box processes allow us to quickly launch, run, and complete projects of any scope or size. Our technology is flexible enough to fit the most demanding customers’ needs and requirements quickly and efficiently. Contact an WiseTREND expert for a personalized consultation.