Overflow Volume Processing

by Ilya Evdokimov | Sep 19, 2019 | Blog

Processing of Overflow Volume Data

Overflow Volume Processing

As an alternative to Outsourced Data Verification, we are also equipped to manage “as-needed” resources to take on your unexpected projects.  Whether they are volume increases, recurring peak volumes, staffing variances, production gaps, processing license shortages, seasonal staff overhead or cases where you may want to hand off some or all your pending task, we are there for you.

At WiseTREND we will work with your team to ensure we provide you the best quality and accurate data in the format of your preference. Our experienced team is industry qualified in data analysis, verification, project management, and quality control. We collaborate with your team to ensure all your rules and requirements are met and enhance any current process if necessary. We will ensure your team is involved in every step of the process.

Extract data quickly & accurately

Our team will work with your team to create a project and manage it on our end to meet your business needs. We will work with you throughout the whole process and modify the project in the system to ensure all the data you need extracted, is obtained efficiently and quickly. The data stays on your system and never leaves your environment.  Our operators will act as an extension of your department as a strong virtual workforce.


Our verification team is expert in OCR/ICR/OMR data extraction.  Whether it’s fixing a poor-quality document that did not get recognized or creating hotkeys for repetitive tasks to increase productivity, you will be getting a workforce better than any temp agency can offer.


Forms can be exported into a ‘Review’ queue if you’d like, pending approval from your team.  Once you are comfortable with our processing you can remove the queue and have the documents exported as normal.