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Automatic Processing of CMS-1500 Claim Forms

See how we helped a leading foot care program achieve compliance with EDI claims submission within 60 days – and eliminate the need for manual data entry




  • USPS Database
  • WiseTREND plug-in for FlexiCapture
  • Script rule VBScript code samples
  • FlexiCapture 10 sample project
  • Documentation and API Help Guide

Features & Benefits

  • Any FlexiCapture project with Address fields can benefit
  • Script rule uses Address fields data and invokes WiseTREND Address Fixer via COM object
  • Script rule returns information about submitted address, corrected values, and additional data and metadata
  • Data can be used for validation, auto-correction of original fields, or placement into additional fields.

Key Functionality

With over 150 Million addresses and address ranges in the USPS database, we can verify and auto-correct your data in record time.

With unlimited lookup  and fuzzy search capabilities, our powerful module will reduce mistakes and increase accuracy on a massive scale.

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