Podiatry Plan Case Study

by Ilya Evdokimov | Feb 22, 2017 | Uncategorized

Automatic Processing of CMS-1500 Claim Forms

Automatic Processing of CMS-1500 Claim Forms

See how we helped a leading foot care program achieve compliance with EDI claims submission within 60 days – and eliminate the need for manual data entry The Challenge

An approach to foot care that’s in step with patients’ lifestyles

Podiatry Plan has improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people through their comprehensive approach to managed foot care. But an urgent need to meet a new requirement for EDI form submission meant having to implement a solution for digitizing CMS-1500 forms fast – a challenge that was easily met with WiseTREND and ABBYY.

The client was told that CMS-1500 claim forms would need to be submitted via EDI instead of fax – and that only two months were available to make the transition.

With hundreds of paper CMS-1500 forms arriving every month, manually entering data from each into a digital format was not an option – making it critical to automate the capture and conversion of forms. So with just eight weeks to find a solution, Podiatry Plan fast-tracked the project and found their answer in partnering with WiseTREND.

Integration details


  • USPS Database
  • WiseTREND plug-in for FlexiCapture
  • Script rule VBScript code samples
  • FlexiCapture 10 sample project
  • Documentation and API Help Guide


  • Any FlexiCapture project with Address fields can benefit
  • Script rule uses Address fields data and invokes WiseTREND Address Fixer via COM object
  • Script rule returns information about submitted address, corrected values, and additional data and metadata
  • Data can be used for validation, auto-correction of original fields, or placement into additional fields.

Key Functionality

With over 150 Million addresses and address ranges in the USPS database, we can verify and auto-correct your data in record time.

With unlimited lookup  and fuzzy search capabilities, our powerful module will reduce mistakes and increase accuracy on a massive scale.