Processing Custom Forms

by Ilya Evdokimov | Oct 13, 2019 | Uncategorized

Automatic processing of Custom Forms with OCR software

Almost all companies, to some extent, face the problem of processing various forms. The most common types of forms are:

  • survey forms;
  • event feedback forms;
  • questionnaire forms;
  • consent forms.

The volume of forms can be enormous, and companies need to process them in a short time. Thus, it can turn into a significant problem.

Why are paper survey forms still used?

Processing surveys often complicated by the fact that most of these questionnaire forms are paper, despite the great potential and availability of software for creating electronic forms. However, collecting responses on paper is often cheaper and more convenient.  Using familiar paper forms, companies, on the one hand, improve their customer experience, but on the other hand, processing thousands of paper survey forms becomes a real headache for company employees. Even though all the progress of the last two decades in the field of optical character recognition (OCR) and data capture software, one of the most popular methods for survey forms processing is manual data entry.

Why automate data entry while processing survey forms?

Manual typing for survey forms processing is reasonably apparent, and at first glance, easy to use. However, starting to do this, you encounter several insoluble problems:

  • low speed of survey forms processing;
  • the inevitability of errors during manual data typing;
  • poor scalability of business processes, i.e., to process more custom forms, you have to hire more employees.

Therefore, faced with the use of manual data entry for survey forms processing, you will immediately begin to look for a way to improve this process to achieve a better result. There are several ways to solve this problem that have their advantages and disadvantages.

Outsourcing of manual typing

Everything is evident with this method. It helps to solve the problem of scalability and, in part, to increase the speed of survey forms processing, but still leaves the question of errors due to manual data input. Also, this solution is not the cheapest option. Therefore, let’s look at other options related to the automation of survey forms processing.

Automatic processing with OCR software

There are a large number of solutions for OCR and data capture on the market now, which can cope with the survey, feedback, and consent forms processing. However, usually, such solutions are suitable for large companies that can afford a significant investment to purchase, deploy, and maintain solutions for automatic data capture. You may significantly reduce upfront expenses by leveraging WiseTREND Intelligent Document Processing Portal.

Besides, it can usually take quite a long time to configure, integrate, and customize the software, as well as to train employees to work with the new system. Also, data capture solutions require specially designed custom forms. Survey and feedback forms should have a particular design so that the data capture software can cope with their recognition with high quality. It is required to place unique anchor tags and words on the form. The design of input fields should also have a specific look. As a result, we can say that this solution is suitable for large companies for which custom forms processing is an essential part of the business.

Outsourcing form design and processing

If you plan to improve the survey processing, but you are not familiar with OCR and data capture, you can entrust this task to the team of professionals with tremendous experience in this. The WiseTREND Service Bureau specialists are ready to take on the job of design and implementing a workflow for any custom forms processing, regardless of their complexity and quantity. In addition to having extensive experience with OCR and data capture, the WiseTREND Service Bureau team is also entirely based in the United States. Thus, you can be sure that personal data processing occurs in full compliance with US law. Also, outsourcing the design and processing of survey and other custom forms to the WiseTREND Service Bureau has the following advantages:

  • the use of accumulated experience and the most advanced technologies allows WiseTREND Service Bureau to process survey forms as quickly as possible with a minimum of errors;
  • No capital investments required at the start. You pay only for the services you need;
  • It is a scalable solution. If the flow of survey forms requiring processing increases, then you will not need to take care of this, the WiseTREND Service Bureau takes care of all the work;
  • Transparency of the workflow. You can control the custom forms processing, from scanning paper forms to obtaining structured data.

To sum up, today, there are several basic approaches to solving the problem of custom forms processing, such as survey form, event feedback form, consent form. Contact WiseTREND to find the best price and performance solution for automating custom forms processing.