Intelligent Forms Processing for 
Standard (ACORD, Tax) and Custom Forms

Despite business automation, many companies do not refuse to keep paper documents. That is why it is important to install forms processing software so that you can convert paper documents into electronic ones. Why is this necessary? The point is that the user will not have to manually type a form for the convenient exchange of documents between companies. The software will do everything for you and will also check for errors.

Often, PDF format is not intended for data correction and is used for data exchange. It complicates the further process of information processing. This format is especially useful for insurance policies, surveys, questionnaires, contracts, and other types of documents. OCR will allow you to convert a PDF into a text document, make edits, and then export it to another format. Electronic type documents reduce labor costs and speed up the document flow process. Data has entered into the form automatically, eliminating errors due to human error. Electronic documents can be stored in the cloud and on the server, leaving access to the archive.


Forms Processing

Using intelligent forms processing solution for ABBYY Flexicapture WiseTREND, you can create electronic and paper forms to take your business to the next modern and technological level. The program is capable of processing ACORD insurance forms, invoices, tax forms, acts, surveys, statements, court decisions, and other types of documents. You will also be able to customize any standard form to your needs. Using the plugin, you will expand the capabilities of your installed system, speeding up your business process. The program will allow you to collect data from different sources and structure it. Of course, you can use manual data entry, which will slow down the work. Because it will take time to verify the information. By using our forms processing software, you will completely eliminate the presence of errors, and you will be able to analyze your data accurately by setting your own parameters.

Which Intelligent Document Processing solution is right for you?


 Private Cloud 

Storing information locally or in the cloud. Whatever solution you choose, all data is protected, and information is never leaked.

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Public Cloud

Public cloud or SaaS. Secure and scalable cloud service. You do not have to spend money to maintain the service, and the cloud does not require installation. All you need is an Internet connection.

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Service and Outsourcing. It provides accurate data verification of 99.9% due to modern and advanced technology.

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Regardless of the option you choose, you can always use the trial version and evaluate the software we provide.

WiseSURVEY Solution for ABBYY FlexiCapture

ABBYY FlexiCapture software provides automatic scanning of all document forms and further data processing. If your company is looking for a modern solution to improve your business processes, the plugin is ideal for you. You will accelerate the process of information processing, reduce labor costs, and be able to accurately perform analytics and make the right decisions, which will affect the efficiency of development and increase revenues. Not sure about the results? Try the trial version and see for yourself the rationality of our software.

Where WiseSURVEY Meets Your Needs


WiseTREND’s goal is to make the introduction of business more efficient by using modern software. Studies have shown that companies spend a lot of time filling in paper documents. It leads to rapid fatigue of employees, reduced attention span, and errors. As a result, reports had to be constantly redone, and there were gross errors in the analytics, affecting the accuracy of decision-making. Our experts have developed a special program to avoid similar situations in the future. Thanks to it, it became possible to perform an intelligent forms processing of documents. Testing has shown that businesses using WiseSURVEY have greatly improved their productivity, and employees are more attentive to clients, resulting in better customer service.

WiseSURVEY Provides The Flexibility You Are Looking For

Many companies want the forms processing to be flexibility and accurate to allow them to customize their software to their needs. This is made possible with WiseSURVEY. It’s implemented correctly in the system and requires no special skills to install, the process is completely automatic.

By taking advantage of our offer, you no longer have to waste time on manual data processing and time-consuming calculation of questionnaires and surveys. It will take a few seconds to process the information.

Contact our specialists in any way convenient for you and find out how to increase efficiency using the program. Technical support will help you install and configure the plugin. We provide 24/7 support to our customers and offer the product at competitive prices.

What do our customers say…

“We have completely eliminated heads-down data entry. What may have taken five minutes of data entry before takes just a few seconds… and the accuracy of the data has improved as well.”

Christine Faubert

Training & Development Manager

Kimco Staffing 

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