Intelligent Forms Processing for 
Standard (ACORD, Tax) and Custom Forms

Forms Processing

Despite obvious benefits from using electronic forms, there are many occasions when organizations still prefer using paper or electronic PDF forms for data collection. It is very common for applications, marketing surveys, consent forms, insurance claims, students’ tests and many other types of forms. Paper forms are easy to create and distribute, they do not require electronic devices to fill out, so they are significantly cheaper and provide greater flexibility for collecting data.

While data collection could be simplified by using paper forms, data retrieval and processing becomes more challenging. Manual data retyping is time consuming and expensive, that is why businesses are looking for automatic solutions.

WiseTREND Intelligent Document Processing technology allows designing paper and PDF forms, suitable for efficient automatic processing. It can easily read the most popular insurance ACORD forms, tax forms and other standard forms, as well as your custom forms. It also offers examples of standard forms, such as applications, consents and other typical formats. You may take a standard form, customize it in needed, distribute them and collect data and then extract this data automatically – quickly and effectively.

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WiseSURVEY Solution for ABBYY FlexiCapture

ABBYY FlexiCapture software is a cutting edge software for capturing forms through automatic scanning, and WiseSURVEY is the plugin created for processing surveys. If your business is looking for an effective document scanning software that uses Optical Character Recognition to effectively process information, this is for you. Speed up your process and guarantee accuracy with this amazing software for document scanning.

Where WiseSURVEY Meets Your Needs

With all of the WiseTREND products, the goal is to find places in your workflow that can be improved with document scanning software. With many companies, we found that manually capturing and entering of data from surveys was causing them to spend extra time on projects. The more that a company grows, the more data it has to process, and can cost way more than expected to effectively process the information.

With the WiseSURVEY plugin for ABBYY FlexiCapture software your company can process survey forms in a fraction of the time it takes to do so manually. With the time saved and the increased accuracy that this software brings, your company can focus on your business’ area of expertise. If manual data entry has you pulling your hair out and wondering how to be more efficient, try WiseSURVEY for your business.

WiseSURVEY Provides The Flexibility You Are Looking For

One thing that many of our clients are looking for is increased flexibility to focus on their core business offerings. Time spent manually processing survey forms can be incredibly difficult and create setbacks in your process for accomplishing goals. With our WiseSURVEY plugin, you can realize those business goals that you’ve set. Contact us today and find out how this product can improve your productivity!

What do our customers say…

“We have completely eliminated heads-down data entry. What may have taken five minutes of data entry before takes just a few seconds… and the accuracy of the data has improved as well.”

Christine Faubert

Training & Development Manager

Kimco Staffing 

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