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Insurance companies are popular today. After all, they guarantee compensation for damages. People sign life, home, car, and medical care insurance contracts. Insurance is also popular in the banking industry. Our task was to create a program that streamlines and simplifies the process of obtaining insurance. It also helps control the insurance payments process and quickly draws up contracts without accumulating long lines. Now employees of insurance organizations will be able to spend more time with customers, telling them about the benefits and nuances of insurance. A flexible system of settings and a convenient menu help to check the information about the client in one click. There will be no more mistakes in registration. Everything is controlled at the software level.

You can easily convert a paper document to a digital format by importing it from any source by activating automatic scanning. The document can also be converted into the format you want. It is important for international insurance applications.




And time.


Accelerates business processes

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Enables personal and proactive responses to customer needs

What OCR Software Solutions Are Right For You?

If you don’t know which insurance software is right for you, take our expert advice. We will choose a program based on the specifics of your company and the amount of information processed. You can buy software from us:



for processing and analysis of insurance forms.



a program that processes ACORD forms.



allows you to work with questionnaires and surveys, making a count of the results.


If you have doubts about purchasing the software, we allow you to use the free trial version, which has similar tools to the paid software. You will see firsthand the effectiveness of the program and the reduced costs of data processing.

To purchase the software, leave an application on the website, and we’ll contact you. The technical service will help you install and configure the plugin and provide 24/7 support. Take the first step into the digital future with WiseTrend’s great value proposition!

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