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for Insurance Companies

Helping Insurance Companies with


Insurance companies are challenged with the task of consistently providing clients with appropriate insurance options in an industry with changing laws and new processes. One of the most important parts of your work is making sure that all of the information and documentation is processed correctly. This may take time away from responding to customers and creating innovative ways of moving your company forward. Manual data processing can also lead to errors or processing documents too late and leaving your customers without the coverage they need. That is why document scanning software is a great way to make sure your company is working efficiently.


Reduces costs

And time.


Accelerates business processes

Still not convinced? Here is another one:


Enables personal and proactive responses to customer needs

What OCR Software Solutions Are Right For You?

WiseTREND has created several plugins that can be useful for different members of the insurance industry.


for processing insurance forms.


for processing ACORD forms.


for online and paper surveys.

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