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Invoice Processing for                            Accounts Payable Automation 

Do you still process invoices manually?

Fully automated accounts payable process is faster and up to 85% cheaper than the manual one, while it saves the most precious resource of each organization – employees time. Then why so many organizations still do it manually or semi-automatically? Reading incoming invoices and extracting data for payments is often a bottleneck of this process. It is usually done manually because invoices have different formats and layouts, so finding required data takes human intelligence.

However, there is a better way – using Intelligent Document Processing technology for automatic reading invoices and extracting data. Here is how intelligent invoice processing technology works:  

  • It collects invoices from all sources: email, scanners and hot folders and saves them in a single location.
  • It sorts them out, identifies vendors, extracts payment data, and puts it into a structured form.
  • It performs automatic rule-based validation and in case of exceptions – routes them to a human validator.
  • It uploads 100% reliable data to your ERP via pre-built connectors or your favorite RPA solution.

Which Intelligent Document Processing solution is right for you?


 Private Cloud 

Full control over your infrastructure. Your data stays within your environment. 


Public Cloud

Scalable and secure cloud service. No hardware, no software, no installation required.



Local US-based team with the right technology and validation best practices brings you 99.9% accuracy 

Streamline Your Accounts Payable with WiseINVOICE on-premise soution

This software is designed as a part of the ABBYY FlexiCapture OCR ecosystem and is custom-tailored specifically to help businesses process invoices in a way that is more efficient and accurate. From gathering the data, to processing it correctly, then translating the information into other parts of the business – this software will speed up your entire process.

How WiseINVOICE Works For Your Business

Our goal with WiseINVOICE is to make things simple, fast, and user friendly while effectively capturing invoices and processing the data. The OCR technology takes invoices that you receive from various sources, compiles them into a central location, then automatically scans them. After scanning, the software extracts the necessary data, checks it for accuracy, then distributes the information into the correct channels throughout your company.

This software saves many hours of manual data capture, accuracy checks, data entry, and data transferring. What takes a team of employees hours can be done in minutes by our WiseINVOICE OCR scanner. With never-before-seen accuracy and time efficiency, this OCR software gives your business new flexibility and productivity when processing invoices.

Don’t get stuck searching for more staff or spending excessive hours on manual invoice processing. Move into the future in a way that works best for your business, with this invoice scanning software from WiseTREND. The difference in efficiency is noticed immediately, and your bottom line will notice too!

Who Needs WiseINVOICE

The WiseINVOICE plugin for ABBYY FlexiCapture is a fit for any business that processes invoices. Our invoice scanner software will allow your staff to process these invoices faster, and then efficiently transfer the data into other areas of your business.. Reach your goals faster and serve your customers better by using our WiseINVOICE software to gather all of your data.

Contact us today to find out more about this ABBYY FlexiCapture OCR solution, and how the WiseINVOICE plugin can give your business a great ROI. No more wasted time or mistakes in invoice processing! Call us to learn how you can try this for your business today!

WiseCLAIM's claim processing software entry time vs. manual entry.

 What do our customers say…


“Our company grows fast, and it was hard to keep up with the increasing volume of incoming invoices. My team was staying late; we worked on weekends – it was tough. With AP automation, we are back to normal hours, and even month closes go smoothly!”

Kristen Jones 

Sr. Manager, Accounts Payable

DTB Engineering, Inc 



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