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Implement latest data collection technologies and streamline purchasing and payroll processes.

WiseTREND Solutions

for Manufacturing

Focus on Manufacturing

Instead of Paperwork

There is a tremendous amount of paperwork and logistics involved throughout the supply chain. When looking to grow your manufacturing company you must become more creative in how to expand and scale. So many hours spent processing shipping labels or addresses, instead of creating new products and services; all the more reason for an automated solution that can process information from forms while simultaneously creating more opportunities to grow in other areas.

WiseTREND provides solutions to these problems with ABBYY FlexiCapture software and plugins that are directly applicable to your work.



Save your time and money

Cost effective

WiseTrend save the costs of storing, processing, and classifying paper documents.

Higher Business Efficiency

Streamline and automate daily operations.

Better, Faster Customer Service

Capture documents at point of entry and accelerate customer service.

OCR Plugin for the Manufacturing Industry

Here are the solutions best suited for manufacturers:


a plugin to quickly process invoices.


for quickly processing purchase orders.


for processing shipping forms.


for insurance forms.


for processing ACORD forms.


is equipped to scan and process checks.

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