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Purchase Order Processing for                            Order-to-Cash Automation 

Purchase Order Processing

Efficient and reliable order-to-cash (O2C) process is a critical component of a healthy organisation. It ensures steady cash flow by streamlining customer payments. This is why the most successful financial (CFO) and operational (COO) leaders maintain tight control of this process and it’s improvement.

O2C automation involves many enterprise solutions such as:

  • CRM for customer interactions,
  • Quote management system,
  • ERP for managing product shipments and payments.

However, there is a necessary step – processing incoming purchase orders, which is done mostly manually and that creates a bottleneck for the entire process.

WiseTREND Intelligent Document Processing Portal is a unique cloud-based AI solution, which removes this bottleneck and enables end-to-end O2C automation. IDP Portal automatically processes various types of incoming purchase orders and extracts data with high accuracy and confidence. It also enables users with powerful machine learning capabilities to enhance and customize system for specific purchase orders and other document types.

Which Intelligent Document Processing solution is right for you?


 Private Cloud 

Full control over your infrastructure. Your data stays within your environment. 


Public Cloud

Scalable and secure cloud service. No hardware, no software, no installation required.



Local US-based team with the right technology and validation best practices brings you 99.9% accuracy 


ABBYY FlexiCapture software is an innovative software for capturing forms through automatic scanning, and WisePO is the plugin designed for purchase order forms. Trying to speed up your workflow can be difficult when much of your employee time is spent on manual data capture, entry, and distribution. WisePO automates the entire process and creates a better process for everyone in your business.

Is WisePO the Solution for Your Business?

Trying to figure out if WisePO is for you? Think about how much time your business is spending on the processing of purchase orders. If you have a significant intake of purchase order forms, then manually recording the data, entering it into correct location, and transferring it to the proper channels, can take many hours. If you or your employees are having to spend late hours on this processing, you could be missing out on other things your business needs to do.

Instead of spending this time and money on manually processing purchase order forms, you could speed up the process with the best document scanning software on the market. ABBYY FlexiCapture paired with the WisePO plugin provides the fastest and most accurate processing tool for purchase order forms. The increased efficiency and accuracy will produce a better workflow and increase productivity. Find the best solution to your processing of purchase orders and start focusing on your next goal!

WisePO is the Best OCR Software for Increasing Productivity

Everyone is looking for ways to make their processes faster, more accurate, and more effective for their business. WisePO uses document scanning software to make the processing of purchase order forms quick, accurate, and efficient for your business. With the time this software saves your company, you will have a new capacity for growth and new ventures. If you are interested in finding out what the ROI would be when you adapt WisePO as a part of your processing, just contact WiseTREND today!

WiseCLAIM's claim processing software entry time vs. manual entry.

 What do our customers say…


We hadn’t realize how much more efficient our organization can be before we automated the last manual step in order-to-cash – data entry from incoming purchase orders. Both sales operations and account receivables teams almost doubled their productivity…

Nick Jordan 

Project manager, Automation

Interto, Inc 



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