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Acord forms OCR

WiseACORD – a turnkey solution for automated Acord forms processing!


The Acord form was first issued in 1971 and later became the standard for insurance company certificates. With the development of digital technologies, this form became available in various electronic formats for downloading and is actively used for doing business in different industries. However, if companies do not have special software for Acord standards installed on their computers, it is impossible to maintain documentation electronically. It takes a lot of time to fill out paper forms, which increases labor costs.

Together with WiseACORD, WiseTREND developed unique software to automate Acord. Using modern Data Capture and ABBYY AI technologies for acord ocr made important information available: 

  • Insurance policy.
  • Insurance coverage type.
  • Limit.
  • Term of the contract.
  • As well as other points related to the execution of the ACORD documents necessary for business. 

Acord is the software for managing insurance agents that requires to use forms of documents in a prescribed format. Our company offers pre-filled and blank forms to give other organizations the choice of keeping records. For example, you can create a certificate for insurance that automatically pulls up your company’s data. If necessary, there is an opportunity to edit the document and then send it to the client electronically or printed. Installed software for fillable acord forms keeps a history of creating and changing documentation. It is available to every client of the insurance company. Now the software system works for you!


ACORD is a non-profit software standard in the insurance industry, having a universal language and documentation. Insurance companies all over the world use it. The system acts as a resource for object technology, e-commerce, XML, and EDI. The use of software for Acord provides the ability to accelerate information processing. Each form has an identifier that makes it easy to find in the system:

  • 140 – property.
  • 137 – commercial type auto.
  • 131 – extra section, umbrella.
  • 130 – compensation.
  • 127 – auto for business.
  • 126 – commercial liability.
  • 90 – automatic personal application.
  • 80 – homeownership.
  • 27 – property insurance.
  • 25 – liability insurance.

Each company chooses the form of those sections with which its business has a connection. And installed electronic data capture systems help quickly fill out the selected forms speeding up the workflow.

acord forms ocr

ABBYY FlexiCapture & WiseACORD

ABBYY FlexiCapture fully automates the workflow in the enterprise by creating a platform for data capture tools and their testing in critical situations. It is essentially a software with intelligence to meet the needs of today’s enterprise for sophisticated digital data processing. The system has combined the best language processing features and can learn. It extends its capabilities. Organizing your workflow is now easy. The program will quickly fill in the necessary data and process the received information. Employees will only have to focus on customer service and customer engagement.

How it works

The Best Check OCR Software

ACORD FORMS OCR software quickly recognizes documents in any language and aligns images, ensuring the accuracy of the resulting data. It can create, edit and scan documents. By aligning, the software makes unreadable text to be readable. It prevents inaccurate information.

Name.The main task of the software was to extract values from documents and forms, saving them in the selected format. For example, on the Workers’ Compensation form, the software reads fields that have labels such as:

  • Phone number.
  • Email.
  • ID.
  • Tracking number.

By selecting the “key-value” target, the software identifies all labels associated with a given parameter. If the program does not read some document formats, we set algorithms to teach it to solve the problem.



You don’t have to buy ACORD right away. You can use the trial version of software to check its suitability for your type of work. We do not recommend downloading it from suspicious sites on the Internet because malicious viruses can get onto your computer device. You can contact us, and we will provide a trial version of the software, guaranteeing its safety. If ACORD satisfies your requirements, after purchasing a license, you will be given an activation key, which opens the maximum capabilities of the software. In the trial version, the functions are standard.

We care about the security of our customers, so we do not distribute the data given to us, and we provide quality and secure software that allows you to speed up your workflow.


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