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OCR solution for healthcare to automate EOB processing

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OCR solution for healthcare to automate processing of Explanation of Benefit forms (EOB)

Our company offers eob software that allows you to automate the processing of received data. Manual checking and entering information always has a risk of errors, which have an adverse effect on statistics. 

The WiseEOB software or processing benefit forms will help organizations significantly reduce the effort and time for processing client cards, as well as allowing them to keep all in one database. 

The eob software recognizes texts of scanned documents and stores them in different formats, automating the processing of benefits explanation forms. The ocr benefit forms works with all local sources. After the recognition and verification of the scanned documents, it uploads them to the billing system of the institution. 

Ocr to automate the processing of benefit explanation forms makes the work of organizations efficient, reducing labor costs. The eob software supports document formats: CMS-1500, CMS-1450, EOB and exports them to X12N 837.

EOB software


OCR solution for healthcare

ABBYY FlexiCapture & WiseEOB

Automatic processing benefit forms allow you to speed up the customer service process, improving the company’s productivity. It is especially relevant for organizations dealing with a large flow of information. It supports different languages and is designed for ABBYY FlexiCapture. Thanks to the set parameters, it is possible to classify documents by customer name, date, address, phone number, and other parameters selected in the settings.

Information processing is carried out by pressing a single button. It is convenient for getting data on the set criteria and displaying statistics. 

Filling out the documents is also automatic. The eob software ocr to automate the processing of benefits explanation forms, remembers the data and immediately enters them into an electronic document.

We use a module for training the system, which is integrated into the system, expanding its capabilities. Electronic data capture systems are installed by our experts, who provide round-the-clock support. Thanks to automation, ocr benefit forms will be filled in quickly and without errors.

How WiseTREND’s EOB software fits your business

•	EOB processing

With EOB forms, people’s healthcare and lives are hanging in the balance so accuracy is of the utmost importance. Even the most dedicated professionals make mistakes and it could cause an issue for someone waiting on an important procedure. The OCR solution for healthcare – WiseEOB is able to gather accurate information during automated EOB processing, which reduces the possibility of errors significantly. EOB automation scales up easily to increased EOB forms volume without increasing personnel required for manual data entry.





Using data capture tools companies can establish an efficient workflow that speeds up customer service and document management. WiseEOB is fully adapted for ABBYY and has several advantages:

  • It allows you to work with documents of different formats.
  • Has a user-friendly and clear interface.
  • Can convert documents into XML, JSON, CSV, and other formats.
  • Allows you to manage custom exports in ABBYY FlexiCapture.
  • Provides channel integration: scanner email, FTP, and web API.
  • Eob software allows you to create an electronic signature and print, which speeds up the confirmation of documents electronically.
  • Works with different programs and systems without crashes.
  • Processing benefit forms is automatic.
  • The eob software controls the process of work without requiring technical support.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the program is easy to learn. Thanks to the introduction of a specially designed plugin, you can expand its capabilities.

The administration process allows access for each user personally, depending on the specialization. For example, administrators can use “query keys” to select the necessary data for their department and analyze the information obtained. The eob software scans the document for errors. If it finds any suspicious characters, the administrator has only to check and correct them.

Trial version

It is indisputable that automating the processing of benefits explanation forms can improve the customer service system, reducing labor costs for the staff. We understand that changing the workflow requires skill and attitude. To make sure the eob software works and to assess its benefits, we offer you to take advantage of the trial version. The system has a standard set of functions. The eob software allows you to maintain the document flow correctly.

We guarantee that you will not want to go back to manual document processing after trying it out.

Please, contact us to purchase the eob software in any way convenient to you. Our specialists will help you set it up and give you a brief training on its use. Thanks to its easy setup and smart interface, even a “dummy” can learn how to use it.

Customers who purchased a license key to the eob software can upgrade the system for free. Using the modules, you can easily expand the capabilities of the system, adjusting it to your needs. You no longer have to stay at work to make summaries or process a bunch of data. WiseEOB or automatic processing benefit forms does it for you, saving you time to do other things. In case of technical questions, you’ll always get help from our experts.

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