OCR solution for healthcare to automate EOB processing

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OCR solution for healthcare to automate processing of Explanation of Benefit forms (EOB)

The healthcare industry is overwhelmed with EOB forms and without proper EOB software it can be frustrating to process them all manually. WiseEOB is an OCR solution for healthcare designed to achieve maximum efficiency in EOB processing. As a turnkey solution for EOB automation, WiseEOB helps healthcare organizations greatly reduce time and efforts required for manual EOB processing and related data entry operations. It captures data from scanned, faxed or e-mailed EOB forms, applies validation checks, and uploads it automatically for further EOB processing into company’s billing systems.

EOB software

OCR solution for healthcare

ABBYY FlexiCapture & WiseEOB

WiseEOB is built as EOB automation plugin for ABBYY FlexiCapture – enterprise Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform from leading OCR technology vendor: ABBYY. WiseEOB utilizes innovative AI- and Data Capture technologies of ABBYY FlexiCapture to elevate automation of EOB processing to a new level of operational efficiency. Comparing to other EOB software products, WiseEOB enables businesses to configure the full EOB processing workflow including: Import from various sources such as E-Mail/scanner/folder/FTP/API, Data Capture, Classification by form type and vendor, Validation checks on captured EOB data and Export into various EOB processing and billing systems to support straight-through processing.

How WiseTREND’s EOB software fits your business

•	EOB processing

With EOB forms, people’s healthcare and lives are hanging in the balance so accuracy is of the utmost importance. Even the most dedicated professionals make mistakes and it could cause an issue for someone waiting on an important procedure. The OCR solution for healthcare – WiseEOB is able to gather accurate information during automated EOB processing, which reduces the possibility of errors significantly. EOB automation scales up easily to increased EOB forms volume without increasing personnel required for manual data entry.

Automate Your EOB processing workflow using WiseEOB

EOB forms take part in various healthcare process and help to ensure people get the healthcare they need. Errors in the EOB processing could be costly. Every company wants to eliminate human errors, but that still could happen when the human is a part of the data entry process.

The OCR solution for healthcare – WiseEOB, integrates EOB automation into your business workflow, which speeds everything up without the worry of processing errors.

Trial version

If your company is looking for the most effective EOB software, then WiseEOB is perfect for your needs. We offer a fully free trial version and WiseTREND will guide you through the integration of WiseEOB into your EOB automation workflow.

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