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The ABBYY FlexiCapture Plugin for Explanation of Benefits


The ABBYY FlexiCapture Plugin for Explanation of Benefits

The ABBYY OCR Plugin For Processing Explanation Of Benefits Forms

The healthcare industry is overwhelmed with forms to process. It can be frustrating to sort through the vast number of EOB forms that come in, then manually capture the data, and transfer them manually to the correct location. There is a solution for companies in the healthcare industry that is designed for maximum efficiency. The WiseEOB plugin for the ABBYY OCR ecosystem automates the processing of EOB forms in order to save company’s time.


WiseEOB takes all EOB forms that are submitted to a company, then captures the data from the forms. Once data is captured, it then verifies the accuracy of the information and then transfers the data to the right place. What once took manual data processors many long hours, while still risking human error, is now completely automated. The faster turnaround times and more accurate processing of EOB forms will dramatically improve your process and increase your entire company’s productivity.

ABBYY FlexiCapture & WiseEOB

WiseTREND has created a plugin for the ABBYY FlexiCapture software that specifically helps companies processing explanation of benefits forms. With a focus on speed and accuracy, WiseEOB saves time by automatically capturing data from EOB forms and translating that information to other parts of your business.

How WiseTREND’s OCR Software For EOBs Fits Your Business

The health claims processing software from WiseCLAIM is incredibly beneficial to all organizations that enter data from health care claim forms, UBs and EOBs.

There are a few key components to using WiseEOB for companies processing Explanation of Benefits forms. With EOB forms, people’s healthcare and lives are hanging in the balance so accuracy is of the utmost importance. Even the most dedicated professionals make mistakes and it could cause an issue for someone waiting on an important procedure. WiseEOB is able to gather accurate information through automated scanning and processing of the forms, which reduces the possibility of errors significantly.

Manual data collection and entry for EOB forms is a burden on a company’s time and resources. This ABBYY OCR software provides automation for this part of the process. This faster method will pay for itself in no time because of the elimination of so many hours of work manually processing forms.

It can be a long process just to get all of the incoming forms organized and put the data in the correct location. The WiseEOB plugin takes all of the forms from different locations and makes sure everything is properly organized to make your workflow more efficient.

If your company is looking for the most effective solution to Explanation of Benefits processing, then WiseEOB is perfect for your needs.

Better Workflow For Companies Processing EOB Forms

This automated processing is critical to businesses that process Explanation of Benefits forms. EOB forms are crucial to guaranteeing people get the healthcare they need. Errors in the processing of EOB forms could be costly. Every company wants to get this right, but human error happens, and manually processing forms takes a great deal of time, even when it is done perfectly.

Our WiseEOB plugin automates the entire process, which speeds everything up without the worry of processing errors. If your company needs a real solution for EOB processing, then contact us today and find out how WiseEOB will work for your needs.

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