Scanning and OCR from paper documents

by Ilya Evdokimov | Jun 05, 2019 | OCR

Scanning and OCR from paper documents

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology that allows you instantly to get data that can be changed, searched and stored from any type of image and document:

  • scanned paper document;
  • PDF document without a text layer;
  • image captured from the camera of the mobile device.

Perhaps, any company faces the task of scanning and processing of paper documents, whether it may be contracts, invoices, purchase orders or something else. But it is not enough just to scan the paper document and save the image on disk, because a paper document contains information which may be required in the future. Imagine that you needed to find a contract with a certain vendor in the archive, but how can this be done if you only have scanned images of paper documents? In this case, you need OCR technology. By scanning and recognizing a paper document using OCR, and saving the document, for example, in MS Word format, you can not only easily find, but also – edit it.

There are many OCR solutions for enterprise clients on the market nowadays. In this article we will talk about one of the most powerful and intelligent OCR enterprise solutions – ABBYY FineReader Server. This is a scalable solution that allows you to scan and recognize from several tens to several thousand paper documents daily.

What are the main features and benefits of ABBYY FineReader Server?

Convenient document input

For many years of presence in the OCR solutions market, ABBYY has accumulated huge feedback from enterprise users and has taken into account all their wishes in its ABBYY FineReader Server product. You can enter documents directly from a scanner, from email, a network folder, or from business applications such as MS SharePoint. ABBYY FineReader Server also provides an easy-to-use scanning station.

High-quality document recognition / OCR

Inside FineReader Server, there is ABBYY’s high-precision OCR technology, which supports recognition in more than 190 languages, supports various fonts and types of printing.

Automatic document separation

ABBYY FineReader Server allows you to set up automatic separation of documents based on blank pages, barcodes or script separation rules.

Smart Verification Interface

ABBYY FineReader Server provides an interface for users to verify and correct possible OCR errors in cases where OCR accuracy is critical.

Many export formats

ABBYY FineReader Server allows you not only to save the processed document in the desired format but also to deliver it where you need it: to a network or FTP folder, to MS SharePoint or send by email.

In summary, if you are looking for a powerful, smart, and modern OCR solution for scanning and processing paper documents for your company, then you need ABBYY FineReader Server.