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OCR-IT LLC, a fast-growing document conversion and online image recognition company, today announced that its cloud-based OCR Web API, code-named “OCR Cloud 2.0”, has been selected by ScanThing to enable mobile OCR in this mobile productivity application for the Android platform.

Officials at OCR-IT LLC stated: “OCR-IT is particularly suited to helping app developers integrate seamless OCR into Android apps. We believe that OCR capabilities stand out as a feature that adds significant value to these applications since they allow users to quickly translate paper-based documents into usable formats. Users are looking for ways to do more, and do it more quickly and we want to help developers deliver those capabilities.”

ScanThing allows users to capture images of documents taken with a smart phone and then extracts text and saves and archives the documents. Later, these documents are readily available and can be found by using a key word search. ScanThing enters the marketplace as the first and only app that allows this complete capture and document management functionality on the Android operating system.
“We are thrilled about the positive feedback we have already gotten in the Android Marketplace in such a short time,” said Samuel Daly, marketing manager at ScanThing. “In fact, we have sold our app to over 30 different countries around the world in our first month.”

The application typically takes just a few seconds to perform the picture to text extraction process. Once it’s complete, users can view the original image along with the extracted text. They then have the option to tag documents for fast finding in the document dashboard. The app recognizes text in 33 different languages.

User adoption, response and feedback have been excellent. Currently, the app has near five-star rating on the Android Market.

The OCR-IT OCR cloud platform ties together high-quality OCR technologies and cloud-based scalability through a powerful Web API. The API allows developers, regardless of background and experience, to add powerful image and picture cleanup tools and optical character recognition (OCR) in over 50 Latin and Cyrillic languages to their applications. The API provides enhanced control over text extraction, and offers a wide selection of input and output formats.

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