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Increase Customer Service While Automating Data Processing

Solutions For Insurance

The insurance industry is very paper intensive, making data processing all the more difficult. WiseTrend offers a powerful server-based solution for centralized conversion of high volumes of paper or image original documents into searchable archives and repositories.

Our proven solution automates and accelerates the processing of various high volume document types found within the insurance industry – classifying them, extracting valuable indexes and exporting them as searchable files into business applications or archives.

WiseTrend offers powerful natural language processing technology that unearths valuable facts from unstructured documents, reducing time and effort while mitigating risks of missing critical data during review.

This means your customer service increases while saving valuable time and money over manual processing.

Other insurance related forms WiseTrend can help automate and process:
  • Applications
  • Claims Processing
  • Case Records
  • Employee Records
  • Audits
  • Customer Service
  • Policy Administration
  • And More…

Learn How We Can Streamline Your Insurance Data Processing