Space Age Optical Character Recognition

by Ilya Evdokimov | Feb 24, 2010 | OCR

This post is for those who believe OCR technology is going away

There are a lot of technologists out there who believe that optical character recognition has its days numbered and is an aged technology. The belief is that soon paper will go away. This post is for those who believe OCR technology is going away.

The reality is that paper consumption has not really decreased. In some areas paper has been replaced with electronic data interchange EDI, but in other areas it has actually increased. Studies have also shown that because documents are being scanned more often, there is also an increase in printing when the documents need to be shared or re-purposed. But I’m not here to argue that paper is not going away and that document conversion technologies are required to convert them. I’m here to point out a few futuristic uses of the technology that technologists like to already talk about and involve OCR.

Data Security

The first futuristic use of the technology that I would like to discuss is the use of OCR in data security. Text strings sent over the Internet are far easier to sniff and unlock than a compressed JPEG image. What if you were to convert the text into a JPEG during transmission and the person on the receiving end would OCR it to get the data. By doing so the data has been masked in a more efficient and secretive way. For added security, proprietary image formats could be devised.

File Compression

Storing ASCII text takes up far less space than an image or video file. As apart of the future of compression technologies, expect that OCR will be uesd to extract the text from an image and saved as an ASCII file. Viewers will convert the text back to an image during viewing. This then removes the image portion of the text and significantly reduces file size.


How else to you expect future robots to read text? OCR of course. The eyes of the robot are essentially a camera that takes pictures of images rapidly. When the robot is faced with the comprehension of text, the image will be converted using OCR and fed through an engine to gain meaning from the text and act on it.

So there you have it, three really cool and cutting edge ways OCR is and will be used in the future. Paper is not going away, but even if it were, just look at the other cool uses of OCR technology.

Chris Riley – Sr. Solutions Architect