Standard Process for Managed Document Conversion and Outsourcing

Standard Process for Managed Document Conversion and Outsourcing

Document Conversion and Outsourcing

OCR-IT Document Conversion Services Team uses the following methodology and project progress tracking for every Document Conversion task.


Party Stage Task
Client INITIATION Issue the Order for Service, complete Service Agreement, discuss project progression.
Client PREPARATION Prepare documents for processing.  Documents should be in PDF (without password protection or content extraction limitations), TIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG file format.  Documents may be in sub-folder structure, or in a single folder.  This original structure will be preserved for Delivery.
Client SEND Documents should be provided to OCR-IT for processing.
Media options are:
– FTP (OCR-IT will provide secure FTP location)
– HDD (Recommended for large volumes over several GB)
– Any other standard storage media, such as USB drive, flash card, DVD, etc.
Sending options are:
– FedEx
– Local pickup (for urgent projects)
OCR-IT SETUP Documents are received and checked for transmission errors.  Processing profile is created.  Processing settings are confirmed to client.
OCR-IT PROOF RUN A small sample set is processed using created settings.  Processed set is delivered to client for review.
Client PROOF CHECK Sample is reviewed and settings confirmed.  Upon confirmation, OCR-IT locks down settings to be used for the entire volume.
OCR-IT PRODUCTION Entire volume goes into production with confirmed settings.  Progress updates are provided every 48 hours to completion.
OCR-IT QA Upon completion, results are checked using following techniques:
– Total count IN = total count OUT
– File name IN = file name OUT
– Random spot check to verify successful processing (searchability) and desired file format output (per settings)
NOTE: Some projects may or may not include manual verification of text.
OCR-IT DELIVERY Entire result is sent to Client using same delivery method as in SEND stage, unless explicitly requested by Client to be something difference.
OCR-IT BILLING Invoice covering processing results is sent.  Final processing report is also provided.
Client ACEPTANCE Client has 2 calendar weeks after receiving the DELIVERY to check results and communicate any questions or issues.  After 2 weeks after client receives results, unless otherwise requested by Client, project is considered delivered and closed.

This process can be customized and adjusted to customer-specific needs and requirements.

OCR-IT offers incremental deliveries for large projects, which provide our clients with processed documents in stages, based on mutually agreed upon schedule.