OCR-IT Conversion Services have been designed specifically for Litigation Support needs.  Trials with millions of pages of legal document, often in multiple languages, put stringent requirements on the accuracy and speed of image-to-text conversion systems. Our customers have asked and we responded with a unique image-to-text conversion system that exceeds requirements of legal community for service accurate and processing speed as well as ease of integration with existing platforms like Opticon, IPRO, and Summation.  We can accommodate multiple load file formats and match virtually any project requirements.

Text Recognition As A Service (SaaS)

Developers can access the OCR Cloud 2.0 via HTTP(S) POST interface.  Whenever and wherever text recognition is required, images are transmitted to the OCR Cloud 2.0.  Instant load-balanced processing in the Cloud performs OCR. The recognition result is returned via the same interface, either by querying for result or URL notification. OCR-It OCR Cloud 2.0 is a robust and scaleable platform.

OCR IT Conversion the Simpler Solution

OCR API Cloud software helps users to introduce character recognition abilities for their numerous software application products such as computer hardware, online portals and mobile devices. Trails have been successfully conducted on legal document files written in various different languages. This unique Optical Character Recognition Software doesn’t involve complex procedures like software licensing. Software developers can access with simple coded lines through specific web services after they submit complex images. The developer is assured of accurate recognized code samples in multiple languages according to his preference.

Developers can easily access OCR Software Development Cloud through HTTP interface whenever they feel the need for text recognition solutions from image files, it is then broadcasted to OCR API, which instantly processes the files and performs optical character recognition and feeds the result through the same HTTP interface.

This is an extremely scalable platform and is virus free too. OCR is created to provide 100% accuracy in results. OCR Cloud is fully independent web program and is powerful enough to be operated through quality mobile devices and other web-based applications to change image files into simple usable text codes converted using the OCR or optical character recognition procedure. OCR library provides wholesome solutions to those involved in litigation Support and other corporate atmosphere.