WiseINVOICE – unveiling a new powerful AP automation process

by Ilya Evdokimov | Jun 11, 2010 | Uncategorized

unveiling a new powerful AP automation process

For years we have been polishing one of the most demanded and demanding areas of data capture and OCR – AP department automation.  Processing and automation of numerous variations of different Invoices, Purchase Orders and Agreements is still one of the larger data capture industry’s challenges, but we are proud to offer our proven solution for this task.

About our Invoice and Purchase Order Data Capture and Processing Approach: Invoices are considered some of the more complex documents.  Luckily the technology is capable enough today, no more tedious text parsing necessary, and there is a set of proven methods.  Over the years we have gone through numerous projects and method revisions of setting up those projects, and today I believe we have most balanced method of needed efforts and achieved capabilities through utilization of latest software features.  We bypass the single template approach, which in the past proved to be an unpredictable trap of professional services.  Today we have a repeatable and easily quantifiable method where after the initial implementation we can exactly estimate further needs for professional services, if needed.  Through a special hands-on training process we pass on the continuation of the setup to the client, giving them control and empowering their in-house capabilities.  In fact, the last project was run by accountants trained on FlexiCapture template creation, not IT.  Please watch out for a press release on this subject in the next few days.

This process has worked well for all participants in the near past, and we plan to continue polishing this process in the future.