WiseTrend Unveils Effective, Predictable and Profitable Approach to Invoice Processing

by Ilya Evdokimov | Dec 01, 2010 | data capture

WiseTrend Unveils Effective, Predictable and Profitable Approach to Invoice Processing

We are proud to announce our new method of servicing invoice processing and AP data capture automation needs.  WiseTrend WiseINVOICE implementation combines best modern technologies, proven methodology, and user-friendly training focusing on user self-sufficiency.  This solution is part of a growing trend to eliminate runaway costs for professional services while obtaining a reliable AP automation system through a truly customizable fully functional solution with immediate and accurately calculable ROI.

Up until now, meticulous programming or applying the “one-size-fits-all” approach for Invoice processing were only solutions in the industry.  This often misleading approach led customers to projects outside of budgets, skyrocketing professional service cost, long integration period, frustration, and inability to see clear return on the technology investment.  As the quantity of document variations increases linearly, the complexity of the system and associated setup increases exponentially.

With over 10 years of data capture experience, we developed a solution that works to optimize the technology and minimize production labor.  Our programmers previously spent weeks un-tangling projects that were based on the current industry lure—a one-size-fits-all solution for invoice processing.  Software manufacturers promise a single solution as a magic pill for all template variations.  Contrary to the promise, we spent many professional service days running regression testing on complex implementations for pre-setup AP projects.  Over many projects, we streamlined the Invoice and Purchase Order project setup to become a consistent and repeatable process.

Our approach provides tangibles that are surprisingly uncommon in the industry, including predictable timeframe for achieving customer’s return on investment as well as removing the often unpredictable run-away professional service costs and deadline extensions.  Following the proven formula, customers can anticipate the accurate calculation of time and effort it would require to build an effective data extraction system for a particular quantity of variations.