You gotta spend money to save money

by Ilya Evdokimov | Dec 09, 2009 | OCR

Even though Data Capture and OCR saves companies money,

I’ve been surprised about the nature of the economy and it’s impact on technology that saves money. OCR and Data Capture have a clear benefit to companies that process even an average amount of documents a day. Paper cost is high, the time of entry is slow with manual entry. Often times companies don’t even realize they are paying none data entry salary for employees to do data entry work as documents are a big factor in many higher paid jobs.

Even though Data Capture and OCR saves companies money, companies today are in spending freezes. You have to spend money to save money in a poor economy. The trick in this economy to get the best bang for the buck and start saving faster is to take baby steps. Start automating slowly at low volume. This keeps the cost down and allows the organization to introduce technology faster. At the same time the organization is building a data capture and OCR infrastructure. Automate the easy documents, take it is steps. The other trick is to pick Data Capture and OCR packages that are robust and provide the general functionality that you would have to find in several packages. For Data Capture and OCR this would include image capture, image clean-up, archive, compression, and export to repositories. Each of these could potentially be a separate software product you would need to purchase but there are many applications out there that contain them all.

Organizations need to free up budgets that would allow them to save money in months time.

Chris Riley – Sr. Solutions Architect