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In recent years, the constant influx of information has become overwhelming for many organizations. Previously, the efficiency and effectiveness of paper documents, records, forms, faxes, e-mail, electronic data, internal statistics, multimedia, etc., were primary concerns.

Now, it’s more important than ever to store, manage, and access all of this information quickly and efficiently. Recent events related to the lack of information, or more specifically lack of access to information, such as scandals (Enron for instance), conflicts (such as the Iraq War), and errors (like Hurricane Katrina), have proven that access to information is vital in today’s digital world.

The Challenge

We’ve seen new terms make their way into our lexicon: OCRICROMRBCR (barcode recognition), data captureform-processingdocument recognition and conversionreductionECMERMEMRCMPBPOBPA, and a million of other terms… There are so many, they even started to run out of terms and had to use BCR again for a different purpose (business card recognition vs. bar code recognition).

Cloud and mobile became terms that we all use daily. Behind these terms and acronyms there are often powerful modern technologies that your organization may need and benefit from.

The Solution

To meet  the need to provide appropriate business solutions to address these ever-present problem of how to quickly access information, WiseTREND was founded in 2003. With many years of experience dealing with creating solutions for document management and processing, our vision was to create an active force capable of meeting the need to reach these goals of efficiency and effectiveness.

Today, WiseTREND provides specific industry-tested OCR and Data Capture expertise, as well as customized software solutions for OCR, Document Conversion and Data Capture projects.

Please contact us today, we look forward to learning more about your specific needs and we can share how we’ve helped other companies.

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