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Our company offers healthcare software for information processing, which works with document formats EOB, CMS-1450, CMS-1500 and allows you to export them to X12N 837. 

Today, BPOs and healthcare organizations face a heavy workload filling out paperwork and maintaining patient records. It is due to the lack of specialized software to handle incoming claims. Healthcare claims software will take the stress out of the workflow by reducing labor costs. The software is easy to use and easy to install. So you can train your staff easily. 

WiseHEALTHCARE applies innovative artificial intelligence technology by training the program using special algorithms. 

Our goal is to help automate the work of medical facilities, freeing up more time for examining patients.


automated medical claims processing


Healthcare claims management software allows you to input and process data not only from computer devices but also from phones. The program automatically enhances captured images and supports virtually all languages with a high-quality text translation. It makes it easy to consult and train health care workers in different countries.

By setting the parameters according to your requirements, the healthcare program automatically removes unnecessary documents and selects the information:

– Name.

– Phone number.

– Address.

– Diagnosis.

– Time.

– Date.

And other sets of “key-queries”. Data processing can be done in a couple of clicks, which is convenient for displaying statistical data and obtaining information on each patient separately. By installing healthcare appointment scheduling software, patients can have no hassle scheduling their appointments, and healthcare providers can review records to plan their workday. No more paperwork to fill out. The healthcare system collects the examination results information and automatically attaches it to the patient’s name. Health care professionals have the opportunity to improve the quality of services and increase the number of examinations.

To install the program healthcare, they will need a computer and a high-speed internet provider. You should install the trial version of the program to see how easy it is to automate your workflow.

How it works

medical claims processing software

Software healthcare is fully compliant with the requirements set forth by the healthcare industry for the software. When purchasing the full version of the program, clients receive a license key for activation and a maximum set of functions. The advantages of using ABBYY include:

  • Working with documents of different formats.
  • User-friendly menu.
  • Document conversion to X12N 837, JSON, XML, CSV, and other formats.
  • Creation of a custom export using ABBYY FlexiCapture functional management tools.
  • Availability of integration healthcare with email channels, web API, scanner, and FTP.
  • Supports the creation of electronic signatures and printing.
  • The system works with other installed programs without causing disruptions in the computer network.
  • The program healthcare is in full control of its operation and does not require round-the-clock technical support.

Using the settings, each employee can quickly adjust ABBYY FlexiCapture to his or her requirements, speeding up the processing of medical documents.

Thanks to administration, each user can create a dashboard for himself/herself based on his/her specialization. For example, an administrator can select data for a performance report and a user can select data for a processing.

The healthcare system provides all forms of reporting, as well as automatic data maintenance. The program also scans for errors and analyzes the entered information.


Modern healthcare forms require a different approach to work organization. That is why each enterprise operating in the medical field is forced to adapt to new requirements. To reduce the load it is enough to automate the process. 

Our company offers innovative software solutions for healthcare with the implementation of artificial intelligence. You do not need to constantly buy and install new software, it is enough to train the program, setting to it the algorithm of actions.

We offer you to take advantage of the trial version of the software to evaluate it in action. We guarantee the security of the software and the safety of all your personal information. To order ABBYY FlexiCapture, call us or leave a request online. Our specialist will contact you and arrange an appointment to introduce the program to your system and tell you about the capabilities of the software.

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