The ABBYY FlexiCapture Plugin for Registration Cards

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OCR Software That Processes Registration Cards in Record Time

ABBYY FlexiCapture software is the top OCR software solution for processing, scanning, and distributing information from forms and WiseREG is a custom plugin that adapts this technology specifically for registration cards. If you have a business that is trying to process registration cards, but feel like you do not have the time, WiseREG is a great solution, it automatically scans and processes registration cards and can eliminate the errors committed in manually capturing data.

Companies that process registration cards might find that they have employees staying late and trying to get registration cards processed. Even with the most careful manual data entry, human error can still cause hangups in your process. With WiseREG, there is no worry over human error, and registration cards will be processed in a fraction of the time it takes to do manually. This increased productivity and accuracy will help your company focus more time and energy on the business goals that will drive growth like never before.

ABBYY FlexiCapture & WiseIRS

ABBYY FlexiCapture OCR software is a fast and efficient document scanning software. The WiseIRS plugin builds off this technology, and is designed specifically to help businesses that process IRS forms. There is no faster and more efficient document scanner for businesses looking to improve their form processing.

Want to Know if WiseREG is Right for You?

There are a number of reasons that your company has been successful. Attention to detail and excellent service can make a company grow, but what if you grow faster than expected? All of a sudden, the number of registration cards you need to process skyrockets and you are still manually capturing the data and transferring it to the proper channels by hand. This could be slowing down your processing time and hindering your business from taking things to the next level.

This is why WiseREG, a plugin for ABBYY FlexiCapture software, exists. With this document scanning software you can use an automated process for your registration card scanning and data transfers. With automatic processing for registration cards, you will find that your employees have more time to focus on other things. As your workflow picks up speed and you see the increased productivity that you experience with WiseREG, your company will reach its goals faster. This provides an excellent ROI for your business.

WiseREG is the Best OCR Software for Increasing Productivity

WiseTREND woreks with the fastest and most capable document scanning software for businesses with ABBYY FlexiCapture technology. WiseREG is a plugin for this software that specifically increases speed and productivity for companies that process registration cards. If your company is looking for a faster and more effective process for capturing data from registration cards and sending it to the proper channels within your business, we can help. Contact us today and find out what this incredible software can do for your business.

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