WiseREG – The ABBYY FlexiCapture Plugin for Registration Cards

The ABBYY FlexiCapture Plugin for Registration Cards

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OCR Software That Processes Registration Cards in Record Time

Working with registration cards can be fast and convenient. Manual processing of information may be too time-consuming and labor-intensive. It is not preferable for the quality of service because employees may make mistakes. But you can skillfully optimize even this process. We developed the registration form software to solve this very problem. Plugin WiseREG is modern program development, allowing you to reduce your time for registration card processing. As a result of this add-on implementation, you will be able to increase your company’s productivity and redirect the workforce to deal with more urgent and significant business tasks. 


ABBYY FlexiCapture & WiseIRS

You should pay attention to ABBYY FlexiCapture OCR if you need effective and up-to-date software to solve the problem of competent document scanning once and forever. The principle of the WiseREG plugin functioning is based on this technology. The purpose of its development is to help companies that process IRS forms. If you are looking for the best solution for your business, this plugin registration form processing will take it to a whole new level. 

First of all, it is worth mentioning that ABBYY FlexiCapture software is an effective solution for recognizing text to be processed before you implement this program in your enterprise. It conducts text scanning and transfers data from forms. At the same time, the WiseREG plugin allows you to adopt this technology specifically to the registration cards you are processing. 

Want to Know if WiseREG is Right for You?

If you have your own business, you lack the time and employees. The enterprise requires a considerable amount of swift processing of a large number of registration cards. For that operation, this process must be automatic. You can find OCR registration form among the documentation of many businesses. The best solution in this situation is WiseREG. It is a modern software add-on that helps with the automatic scanning and processing of cards. In addition, with its help, it is possible to avoid mistakes during manual interaction with the forms. 

This software is necessary for those companies that:

· regularly deal with a large number of registration cards;

· want to optimize the work of their employees;

· desire to reduce the time spent on monotonous processing of registration cards and direct their energies to more useful business tasks;

· want to increase their productivity. Simple work tasks will be ready much faster without the need for employees to be too involved in the process

· who want to achieve maximum accuracy of work without errors. With the help of WiseREG software, it is possible to minimize the probability of error. The information will be scanned with maximum accuracy and processed according to all the rules. There will be no loss of data.

The success of the entire enterprise depends on a whole set of actions. Any manager should set up every stage of the work. In particular, it concerns the interaction with the received information with its proper processing and transmission. It is better to think about the process modernization if the number of registration cards is not decreasing and the time to work with them is growing. Automation of registration cards processing with the WiseREG plugin is one of the top priorities for those who want to achieve successful results in their business. 

WiseREG is the Best OCR Software for Increasing Productivity

Business today has many tasks to cope with everything. They often have to be solved with the help of special software. If you use modern document scanning software with ABBYY FlexiCapture technology, you should consider implementing the WiseREG plugin. Registration form software performs three main tasks:

  1. increase speed of card data processing;

  2. making employees’ work easier;

  3. sending read information to the appropriate channels.

The software is understandable and efficient. If you are interested in taking your internal business processes with card scanning and processing to the next level, you should contact us. Contact us by leaving your request, and we will respond to you promptly. To get the best offer, give us some basic information: what kind of documents you work with, the turnover and other details. We will offer you the best solution for your business based on your request. 

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