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WiseACORD for FlexiCapture

Our WiseACORD plug-in for ABBYY FlexiCapture is designed to streamline and extract the right data from ACORD forms, saving you valuable time while increasing accuracy.




We know that ingesting and classifying new ACORD applications can be very time consuming and tedious. In the past, manual data entry was the only option. In order to process more applications, hiring more workers was the only option.

With the WiseACORD plugin, we can help you manage and automate the data extraction process and verification. Not only will this increase the number of application you can process, but also the overall accuracy of the data you collect.

Key Functionality

Sharing information and exchanging records is a critical, often manual, part during the underwriting process.

Let us help you leave that pressure with proven solutions that accurately extract and exchange the data you need to get more applications processed in less time.