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WiseMORTGAGE – an ideal recipe for mortgage OCR and automated mortgage forms processing

Everyone, who works in mortgage industry, knows how time-consuming and labor-intensive, the manual mortgage forms processing can be. As most loan data is trapped on paper documents of various formats, having a proper mortgage automation software in place, is a must-have to avoid unnecessary human errors, lack of accuracy and bad customer experience. WiseTREND offers with WiseMORTGAGE plugin for ABBYY FlexiCapture a turnkey solution to automate mortgage OCR, Classification and Data Capture and greatly reduce time and effort required for manual data entry operations.

ABBYY FlexiCapture & WiseMORTGAGE

WiseMORTGAGE – mortgage automation plugin for ABBYY FlexiCapture – an enterprise Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform from leading AI- and OCR technology vendor: ABBYY. WiseMORTGAGE addresses main business requirements around mortgage forms processing and allows to set up a custom-tailored mortgage OCR and Data Capture processing workflow!

How it works

mortgage automation
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WiseMORTGAGE is easy to integrate into an enterprise mortgage forms processing workflow, using flexible ootb. components such as: Import from various sources, Classification by form type, powerful and flexible validation rules, extensible export into Database, Sharepoint, RPA, ERP etc. The key benefits of using WiseMORTGAGE for automated mortgage OCR and Data Capture:

  • WiseMORTGAGE – mortgage automation solution is available on-prem and Cloud and provides Web and Desktop applications for scanning and verification purposes
  • WiseMORTGAGE supports automated conversion into most common formats such as: XML, CSV, JSON etc.
  • An export to FTP, ODBC, RPA, Database, Sharepoint etc. along with a possibility to implement custom export scripts
  • Various import channels like E-Mail, Scanner, Hot-Folder, FTP, Web API etc. are supported ootb. to integrate with your mortgage forms processing environment
  • Mortgage automation workflow can be customized and easily adapted to your mortgage forms processing requirements

Trial version

WiseMORTGAGE – mortgage automaton software – is available as a trial version for evaluation purposes! WiseTREND team of mortgage forms processing specialists will guide you through all the steps needed to set up your successful mortgage automation project!

WiseMORTGAGE – an ideal recipe for mortgage OCR

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