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WiseMORTGAGE – an ideal recipe for mortgage OCR and automated mortgage forms processing

Mortgage ocr is very popular around the world today. It allows the borrower to buy real estate in stages of repayment. However, applying for a loan requires careful attention to the documents and calculating the interest payments correctly. Sometimes bank employees make mistakes. It affects not only their salaries but also the profitability of the financial institution.

Our company offers the WiseMORTGAGE module for ABBYY FlexiCapture and WiseTREND systems. It allows you to automate mortgage loan forms. You no longer have to produce stacks of unnecessary paper forms. Everything is automatically calculated and processed by the system. It can optically scan and recognize characters, collect and classify data, improve customer service and fully automate the process, eliminating errors in data input.

The mortgage software is based on artificial intelligence. By installing a plugin, you train it, extending its functionality. Our experts will help you adapt the software to the bank’s requirements. Now you can create a mortgage forms ocr within a few minutes. The mortgage software supports various document formats, importing them from local sources and exporting them into the required format.


ABBYY FlexiCapture & WiseMORTGAGE

ABBYY FlexiCapture system can fully automate the workflow by speeding up document review and data entry. It saves entered information and can fill in the fields automatically to simplify work with all payment documents. The mortgage software is fully compliant with the collection order and the requirements of financial institutions.

The system works in several steps:

– Automated mortgage form processing through text recognition and scanning. The software  enters all documents in one stream. Once in the database, they are sorted according to the parameters set by the user, extracting the information from the required counts.

– Thanks to the built-in artificial intelligence, documents are processed within a few seconds.

– The software checks the data entry against the set parameters for the format, guaranteeing the accuracy of the information entered.

– After the data check, the docum- ent goes to the teller for confirmation. Errors in the document are highlighted, allowing the employee to quickly correct the information.

– Once the teller confirms the data, the document is exported to the software.

Mortgage loan software is compatible with all systems of financial institutions, which facilitates the process of automation by allowing banks to exchange information with each other. It is useful if the customer wants to refinance the loan in another bank for a better interest rate.

How it works

mortgage automation
Hands holding piggy bank and house model. Housing industry mortgage plan and residential tax saving strategy

Mortgage software is well integrated into the documentation workflow of banks and other financial institutions through the ootb. The components of the tools are classified by form, the flexibility of verification. With the help of the settings, the user can define system parameters for advanced exports of documents to the ERP, RPA, and Sharepoint databases. By deciding to automate the processing of mortgage forms, you will benefit:

  • The loan automation process will be available not only locally, but also in the cloud, thus avoiding data loss in case of network failure.
  • The mortgage software is compatible with PC scanners and web applications.
  • Electronic data capture systems work with different document formats: XML, JSON, and CSV.
  • The system allows exporting payments into a Sharepoint database supporting RPA, FTP, ODBC formats.

The mortgage software can support all local channels: scanner, web API, e-mail, FTP, ootb, and Hot-Folder with further integration into the system environment of your bank. Data capture tools allow you to quickly set up the software according to the bank’s requirements, thereby automating the process of working with customer data.

Trial version

To order the mortgage loan recognition for your bank, you need to fill in a form on our website. We will provide you with a trial version of the system with standard functions.

By using this mortgage software, you will see for yourself that processing mortgage forms takes only a few minutes and provides you with verified information. With this system, you will reduce your labor costs by 50% and serve twice as many customers.

After you purchase WiseMORTGAGE, you will have access to the full range of features, as well as free updates and training on the system with plugins. New modules are constantly being developed to improve the software. Our experts will customize the mortgage software to your requirements, providing 24/7 support. 

WiseMORTGAGE – an ideal recipe for mortgage OCR

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