WiseTREND Data Capture Cloud Portal

WiseTREND Data Capture Cloud Portal is a SaaS Data Capture platform and Cloud OCR service that helps businesses to accelerate digital transformation without the need to maintain their own document processing infrastructure.

No need to buy, set up and maintain complex infrastructure or implement Data Capture projects from scratch! WiseTREND delivers with Data Capture Cloud Portal an advanced SaaS Data Capture platform for innovative AI- based conversion and Intelligent Document Processing. Customers can set up their own Data Capture and OCR Cloud solutions just with few clicks with a super easy and effective approach, often seen in social media:

  • Sign up
  • Choose a product
  • Start processing

You can upload your documents via comfortable Data Capture Cloud Portal and see the captured data immediately!

About WiseTREND Data Capture Cloud Portal

The WiseTREND Data Capture Cloud Portal is an enterprise SaaS Data Capture platform, built on top of innovative AI-based technologies such as: ABBYY FineReader Server, ABBYY FlexiCapture etc. from leading AI- and OCR technology vendor: ABBYY. The key benefits of using WiseTREND Data Capture Cloud Portal:

  • WiseTREND Data Capture Cloud It’s not only a backend OCR Cloud service, but also provides modern & easy-to-use Web and Desktop business applications for Scanning and Verification purposes
  • It ootb. supports conversion of captured data into standard file formats (XML, CSV, JSON etc.) along with direct export to ODBC databases and creation of custom exports, which allows seamless integration of SaaS Data Capture platform solutions with various ERP, BPM, CRM etc. applications
  • Various import channels like E-Mail, Scanner, Hot-Folder, FTP, Web API etc. are available as integration endpoints
  • All WiseTREND business applications, like WiseID, WiseAcord, WiseHealthCare, WiseEOB etc. are available as ready-to-use Cloud OCR service, see here for more!
  • WiseTREND offers a free trial version along with integration, implementation and consulting services to guide Customers through the integration of OCR Cloud solutions into their business scenarios!

Trial version

For evaluation purposes, Customers are welcome to see WiseTREND Data Capture Cloud Portal in action using a free trial! If they like the way our OCR Cloud works, they can book more pages and pay via credit card- all without leaving the portal or talking to a Sales representative for a new quote.

Our main principle is: “Pay only for the Cloud OCR service you like”!

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Rapid launch

With WiseTREND Data Capture Cloud Portal you can rapidly begin automating your document processing utilizing innovative OCR Cloud technologies powered by ABBYY. No need to buy, set up and maintain complex infrastructure anymore! Start taking advantage of Cloud OCR service to accelerate your document-driven processes without investments into hardware and server landscapes.

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Streamlined service

With solutions like WiseID, WiseINVOICE, WisePO, WiseIRS, WiseAcord etc. available via WiseTREND Data Capture Cloud Portal the most common business scenarios are easily accessible for a quick start in your automation projects. For all additional requirements, WiseTREND engineering and OCR Cloud DevOps team is happy to assist you with any services around our SaaS Data Capture platform incl. Business Analysis, Project management, Implementation and Quality Assurance, Education and Integration services of ABBYY Cloud OCR Api. Additionally, WiseTREND managed services team and our Digital Service Bureau offering will help you to bridge the gap between machine efficiency and your desired 100% data accuracy.

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Service availability and support

WiseTREND Data Capture Cloud provides an SLA that guarantees 99% uptime for the OCR Cloud service. On top of that, a certified Data Capture specialist from WiseTREND can be assigned to coordinate the on-boarding process, assist on integrating Cloud OCR Service into your IT-environment and ensure the efficiency of using our SaaS Data Capture platform for your business scenarios.

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