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The ABBYY FlexiCapture Plugin for Checks and Pay Stubs


The ABBYY FlexiCapture Plugin for Checks and Pay Stubs

The Best Check OCR Software With Fast Processing Times & Accuracy

It has never been easier to process checks and pay stubs than with WiseTREND’s line item capturing functionality, made available by WiseCHECK. Companies hire extra staff and spend countless hours trying to accurately capture information from checks, but now there’s a solution. There’s no question that you’ll receive the best OCR processing for checks in WiseCHECK, and it will pay for itself before you know it.
This check OCR software saves you time and money through the speed of processing and incredible accuracy. For starters, the stub line items capture functionality from this OCR software is incredible. Quickly process all of your checks and have the information securely stored. As everyone knows, speed is only helpful when it comes along with accuracy. The best OCR software for check processing will never leave you spending extra time fixing mistakes, which is why WiseCHECK is guaranteed to provide the most accurate check capturing functionality on the market.

ABBYY FlexiCapture & WiseCHECK

WiseCHECK is a plugin for the ABBYY Flexicapture OCR. This software scans and processes checks and pay stubs in order to increase productivity and accuracy. This is a solution for many businesses looking for efficient methods of check scanning.

Looking To Streamline Your Check Processing Workflow?

Are You Looking to Streamline Your Check Processing Workflow?

The health claims processing software from WiseCLAIM is incredibly beneficial to all organizations that enter data from health care claim forms, UBs and EOBs.

Having an effective workflow does more than just boost your productivity. Making sure that your employees are not having to focus time and energy on tedious tasks will allow you to give them more meaningful work to do. With current check processing, you might be spending hours capturing, double checking, and entering data from stub line items. WiseCHECK is the best OCR software for capturing information from checks and transferring it into other applications.

The entire process is streamlined by the stub OCR software. Capturing the data, guaranteeing the accuracy, and transferring the data to other applications, the WiseCHECK capturing system does it all. Every part of your workflow is taken care of with one incredible software. The process for capturing your stub line items is now extremely fast and accurate. You no longer a need to spend hours checking the accuracy of data capture because WiseCHECK provides unprecedented accuracy. Even data transferring is seamless and incredibly fast with our solution, the best OCR for checks and pay stubs.

Why WiseCHECK Is Key For Modern Business

Having an efficient stub OCR software is incredibly important in today’s market. Being competitive is all about spending time in the most effective places, and streamlining any process you can. If you want to be at the top, then spending employee hours on check processing and verifying the accuracy of checks is probably slowing you down. Instead of spending more money on hiring new people to speed up the process, just get WiseCHECK and your process will be smoother than ever before.

It will make you so much more competitive when you are able to quickly process checks and pay stubs and get the information transferred to other applications. When you get the best OCR for check processing, you will have a more efficient, accurate and effective workflow and be able to better run your business in the fast-paced and competitive market. Saving you time and money, WiseCHECK is the best solution for your productivity issues surrounding check processing.

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