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Our company recommends the best Check OCR software to automate the processing of receipts and checks for banking institutions. We are actively using the documents in all business areas. So its manual processing is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process that requires special attention. Human factor often causes errors. The OCR for bank check software will verify the data entered and enable you to speed up the document processing. It works in various formats. Its functionality is enhanced with the WiseCHECK plugin developed for ABBYY FlexiCapture. This software is software for automatic checks and receipts, with the ability to integrate the system Check21.

The program supports:

Experts developed wisecheck specifically for bank and financial institution customers to speed up the payment process and take automatic receipt processing to a new level.

The Best Check OCR Software


The ABBYY developer has created ABBYY FLEXICAPTURE & WISECHECK with new features that allow customers:

– Process documents in one system, regardless of source or format.

– Auto-learning. The system is self-training using verifiers. It learns to retrieve the necessary information and adjust the template to the needed document type. It is essential for the processing of a large amount of data.

– To carry out automatic sorting of documents by user category and type, depending on their appearance, using neural networks, semantic and statistical analysis of the text.

– Processing pay stub and checks as sets with a complex hierarchical structure and compare the resulting information by conducting data validation.

– Several users can work in the program at the same time. They do not have access to each other’s data.

– Control the system productivity settings by setting the processing time and the degree of importance for each document.

Thanks to the ocr check scanner, the system recognizes documents in different languages, making the text readable. Easy to use, the program can be used even by “dummies”. Banking institutions and companies should purchase the program, whose activities are connected with the processing and issuing of receipts and checks.

How it works

The Best Check OCR Software

WiseCHECK has all the tools and components for working with payment receipts and check processing: import, classifier, check, send, collect, send documents to Check21 and export in JSON, CSV, XML format as well as to RPA, Sharepoint, and other databases. Among the advantages of using the program as work automation are:

  • Processing of payment documents and saving them in the cloud.
  • HTML5 support, ocr check reader, error checking, compatibility with other desktop applications.
  • Automatically sending receipts to Check21 and then opening the document processing status in FlexiCapture.
  • Document conversion in JSON, CSV, XML format, and export in ODBC, FTP, MS Sharepoint, and RPA.
  • Ability to export bank check OCR using project management tools in ABBYY FlexiCapture.
  • Supports email, hot folders, web API, FTP, and integrates with your software allowing for fast processing of checks and receipts.

The configuration of the software is fully automatic. After installation, we recommend check reader ocr and adjusting the readability settings if necessary. It is substantial for the recognition of document data with poor text quality. The program adapts easily to different systems and is easy to use.



If you doubt the program’s operation and want to check ocr software personally, use the trial version that you can download on our site. We do not recommend you download the application from third-party resources because you might fall victim to malware.

The trial version contains the standard functions of the program and allows you to make sure that the software is reliable and up-to-date.

If you like the program, you can order Check OCR from us by phone or online. We will send you the key and help you authorize it in the system, allowing you to use the extended functionality of the software.

For our part, we guarantee system security and provide technical support to help you troubleshoot possible problems in the program. We also provide algorithms for training the system to expand its functionality.


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