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 Improve Invoice Processing By Over 90%

Solutions for Accounting

Many financial organizations use WiseTrend to accelerate the processing of Invoices and Purchase Orders, loan and credit applications, automate the scan and indexing of contracts, signature cards and deeds and to implement affordable customer survey/satisfaction programs. Automated forms solutions can speed the processing of applications by 90% or more – saving time and improving customer service.

Our solutions allow our customers to process faxes and paper document on average 4x faster compared to manual data entry. WiseINVOICE 9.0 WiseINVOICE is a complete turnkey data entry automation package for Invoices, Purchase Orders, Agreements and other special document types. Based on latest ABBYY form-processing software, utilizing ABBYY FlexiCapture technology, WiseINVOICE provides out-of-box state-of-art processing capabilities with unsurpassed OCR quality and powerful yet flexible exception handling.

Popular among companies with large quantity of orders and consequently heavy volumes or paperwork, as well as multi-step purchasing procedures, WiseINVOICE 9.0 solution delivers quick ROI and ease of implementation in an otherwise complex setup.

Customer Feedback

“We were very impressed with ABBYY FlexiCapture’s ability to capture the data we required. The software is easy to use and, with the terrific support from WiseTrend, the software’s ability to be adapted to different variations of Purchase Orders is limitless” Todd Gruff B & G Manufacturing Inc. is a world-renowned manufacturer and supplier of machined parts.The company receives high volumes of Purchase Orders that require accurate and efficient processing with data import to SAP. “After starting our data capture project with the industry’s standard approach, we switched to a more predictable approach using WiseTrend methodology.After numerous testing this approach has proven to be the best way.

The single complex template would not produce reliable results on different variations.There was too much time required filling in missed fields and even double checking all seemingly successful fields (aka false positives). Using this new methodology we can control and rely on the data capture results. Even when vendors are consistently changing their invoice format, which would cause serious complications and a major need for professional services in the past, using WiseTrend’s method it is quick and efficient to make the change.”

Kevin Thompson and Randy Bledsoe are accountants at IBT, Inc.,a well-known wholesale industrial supplier interested to optimize and streamline Invoice processing and storage. They now run and maintain their own full data capture system without any IT involvement using WiseINVOICE architecture. Captured data and images get exported to DocuWare.

Other Documents WiseTrend Can Help Automate And Process:

  • Loan applications
  • Credit card applications
  • New account setup forms
  • Internal compliance forms
  • Employee Forms Enrollments
  • Invoices Order forms
  • Surveys
  • Timesheets
  • Training feedback forms

WiseTrend team has tremendous experience serving OCR needs of many organizations in all industry sectors. We would like to offer a Trial of WiseINVOICE 9.0 for you to see the power and benefits of this automated document processing solution. Please contact to initiate your Trial.

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