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Single File Conversion

Simple and convenient service for converting any image file (PDF, TIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG2000) to any text-based document (Searchable PDF, TXT, RTF, DOC, XLS) using high-quality Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Batch File Conversion

Simple batch conversion service to load large volume of images and PDFs in a single Zip file to be converted automatically all at the same time.

E-mail Conversion

Convenient service to perform image to text OCR conversion directly from any e-mail application. Send an attachment by e-mail to receive a converted attachment back to your e-mail

FTP Conversion

Automated image to text conversion service that uses an FTP location (provided or your own) to perform one-time or on-going conversions. Images and documents uploaded to FTP are processed in real-time with on-going monitoring for new uploads. This service is suitable for manual use as well as for software application development where FTP is used as a transport layer protocol.

Cloud Storage Conversion

This service provides automated file conversion for files located in popular Cloud file storage platforms (Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive). Provide cloud storage access credentials to a specific Input (with possible sub-folders), Output and Exceptions folders and our crawler will monitor and processes all encountered images and PDFs automatically.

Windows/Mac/Linux Conversion Agent

Download and install a small application that will run 24/7 in background on your server or workstation and monitor for new images and PDFs to process from your designated local or network Input folder. Results will be automatically downloaded into your designated local or network Output folder.

Online Web OCR API

Automated image to text conversion service that uses POST requests to perform image to text conversions. Images and documents are submitted and processed in real-time with options to control all settings. This service is suitable for software application and mobile app development where images are submitted as URL references or Blobs and results are returned programmatically.

Data Capture & Form Processing

Powerful service to automate gathering of specific targeted data from structured and semi-structured documents, including handwritten forms. Common examples include forms like surveys, questionnaires, registration cards, as well as documents like Invoice, Purchase Orders, bank statements, medical forms. Data is returned in structured Excel-like or Database-like formats.

Mobile Image Capture Front End

(requires Data Capture & Form Processing service) Service to provide a well-polished managed powerful way to empower companies to capture documents through mobile devices interface.

Verification & Validation Front End

(requires Data Capture & Form Processing service) Service to provide a well-polished managed powerful way to empower companies to distribute error resolution and exception handling to document submitters through mobile devices interface.

Document Sorting/Mailroom

Service to provide powerful yet easily adaptable classification and document separation functionality for large volume of mixed documents coming into typical organizations. This process is trainable to fit each company’s requirements and document structures.

Electronic Forms Capture

Service to easily create online fillable forms from paper and statically created digital forms, and effective collection of data. This service is designed to replace paper forms in cases where on-screen data filling is possible.

Data Scraping and Normalization

Service to collect and organize semi-structured information from various sources into user-defined well-formatted document and field structures.


Service to translate with high-quality text-based documents from language to language.

DigitEYE Desktop Lamp & Document Scanner

This innovative 21st century scanner device provides a seamless transition from your desk surface into a quick and efficient document scanning and archiving software.