WiseSURVEY – Survey processing automation for survey forms OCR and Data Capture

Survey processing automation for survey forms OCR and Data Capture

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Our company develops software for business automation. Among our latest solutions, we offer survey automation software to help you measure employee engagement, conduct market research, collect customer feedback, build charts, and manipulate information in other ways. Previously, processing data manually took a lot of time. Also, due to the human factor, there were errors in calculations. You can process surveys and build follow-ups quickly, saving you precious time with our survey automation software. WiseSURVEY or the OCR plugin will bring a new level of operational efficiency, significant for advertising agencies and companies who care about their reputation.


ABBYY FlexiCapture & WiseSURVEY

WiseSURVEY software is suitable for the popular ABBYY FlexiCapture system, and almost every company uses it. It is based on artificial intelligence, so using the OCR plugin, the program is well-trained, allowing you to customize it to the needs of each company.

The survey automation software or WiseSURVEY has a user-friendly interface and extensive functionality. Even a novice user can quickly get to grips with the settings. The program can be used both as an administrator and a user convenient for companies with different structures.

The ABBYY survey automation platform allows you to do the automatic scanning of OCR documents and accelerate the processing of the received information. It not only recognizes images and text, but also allows improving their quality. It supports practically all languages and makes it possible to work with foreign companies. The advantages of using our survey automation software or WiseSURVEY include:


1. Reduction of human labor costs for data processing.

2. Automatization of the work process.

3. Possibility to perform analytics of any information, up to plotting graphs.

4. Control over possible data errors.

5. Optimize the work of the entire enterprise structure.


Control is carried out at each stage of work. Thanks to monitoring, the information has management, and reports are created. Having analyzed the data, the system gives out the result. The OCR plugin allows making a quick decision, realistically evaluating the situation.

To make sure that the processing survey results is successful, you need to install and configure the survey automation software or WiseSURVEY. The specialists of our company, who provide round-the-clock support to their customers, will help you with this.

How it works

WiseSURVEY software was specially developed for data collection and processing. The OCR plugin adapted to process surveys automatically. It can import data from different channels and convert the received documents into JSON, XML, and CSV formats. The automation software classifies data according to the type of query, configures validation and exports obtained data to ERP, RPA, and Sharepoint databases. The OCR plugin allows information to be entered into the system and then archived. The survey automation software or WiseSURVEY is relevant for surveys of any complexity. Among its main aspects are:

  1. Full automation of surveys by the OCR plugin in the cloud and locally, while providing clear and intelligent applications: HTML5 and other desktop software for checking and scanning.
  2. The OCR plugin supports automated survey forms, information collection, scanning, email document processing.
  3. WiseSURVEY or OCR plugin works with all kinds of systems. It is easily adaptable to company requirements.
  4. Due to its wide functionality, the user can easily customize the survey automation software or WiseSURVEY to his needs.
  5. There are several modes provided: user and administrator.

Support of different information channels helps to integrate data into the database with the subsequent processing of the survey. The process is fully automated. Thanks to constantly releasing updates of the survey automation software or WiseSURVEY, the system becomes more effective. It extends its capabilities.

Today, survey automation or WiseSURVEY brings companies to a new level, allowing them to carry out successful activities. So if you want to stand a chance against your competitors, our the OCR plugin will help you.

You can purchase the survey automation software or WiseSURVEY on our company’s website by leaving a request. After obtaining the license key, the customer gets access to all the program features, as well as free updates that contribute to the training of the OCR plugin. The software shows itself well in the local network and the cloud. The latter option is relevant, to save space on the hard drive. All data is protected against hacking. For security purposes, login is done through a username and password.

We also recommend that you take advantage of the free trial version of the OCR plugin to see the effectiveness of the program firsthand. Our experts will help you install WiseSURVEY and advise you on its use.

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