OCR & Data Capture Project Analysis Survey

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Goals of this Document Processing & Data Capture Survey

This Survey covers thorough Q&A needed to properly understand and plan your document processing automation, allowing us to understand hidden constraints and to recommend best possible solutions. Please fill out with as many details as possible. If more than one document type is scheduled for processing implementation, and parameters of each document type are different, please fill out a separate Survey for each form.

Providing more and high-quality detailed information and sample images allows us to provide you with better solutions and services. Please help us help you.

Time needed to complete this survey: about 10-15 minutes


What is the form or document you would like to automate (such as: Agreement, Invoice, Purchase order, Quote, ACORD25, IRS 1040, Ticket etc.) using terminology you commonly uses in your business. Each document type (if more than one) should consist of document set with similar formats, fields, rules, etc. If your project contains more than one document type to be processed, please fill out this Survey once for EACH document type.

Document type: