WiseDMV The ABBYY Flexicapture Plugin for DMV Forms

The ABBYY Flexicapture Plugin for DMV Forms

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High Quality Document Scanning Software

Integrating WiseDMV into ABBYY FlexiCapture allows you to automate your business processes and save human resources. The module works with all forms of documents, including DMVs, allowing you to expedite vehicle registration and scanning of driver’s licenses. Due to the speed and accuracy of information processing, the efficiency of transport companies is increased, and mistakes in documents are eliminated.

Scanned documents are automatically entered into the system and sorted according to set criteria. Workflow optimization reduces the risk of human error in the documents.

The accuracy of data processing by WiseDMV is guaranteed by the developer. The software is suitable for organizations of logistics and transport registration. The system is developed on the platform of artificial intelligence, so it is trained through upgraded modules. Exactly, they allow extending the functionality.

ABBYY Flexicapture Plugin for DMV Forms

ABBYY FlexiCapture & WiseDMV

Specially developed plugin WiseDMV for ABBYY FlexiCapture adapts the platform to the company’s requirements. The software is equipped with the necessary functions to perform OCR of documents as well as to process the received information. ABBYY FlexiCapture is fully adapted for the implementation of the module, so after installing the program, it is enough to customize the software. Each user has administrative access, which allows the program to be used personally for each department of the enterprise. Thanks to a wide range of functions, the system allows:

– Conduct automatic scanning of documents.

– Sort information by criteria.

– Conduct system upgrades.

– Work with all input and output channels.

With WiseDMV you can quickly scan driving licenses and put the license number and driver data into the database. It speeds up data processing and avoids any queues.

What Does Vehicle Registration Processing Look Like With WiseDMV?

ABBYY Flexicapture Plugin for DMV Forms

If you are not happy with your DMV forms processing system, then you just need to install WiseDMV. This program will help you to use save form DMV processing time and improve your company’s performance. Now you do not have to waste time processing electronic documents and entering data. The software recognizes text in different languages and automatically enters it into the database. Now with the help of settings you can see any data: registration number of the car, driver’s data, phone number. This is a handy module for companies servicing vehicles.

If there is an error in the document, the program underlines it, which allows the administrator to correct it. The module also allows not only collecting data from e-mail and scanner but also sending data to external channels, converting the document into the required format.

The system can increase the productivity of the company, reducing labor costs, and this directly affects the efficiency of the enterprise, which leads to an increase in profits.

What WiseDMV Provides In Value For Your Company

Today’s society cannot do without computer systems, it can be compared to a large “communication network”. The internet makes it easy to transfer documents, not only between companies, but also between countries. Software module WiseDMV is indispensable for transport companies: logistics, sale of vehicles, customs services, and other companies, which need to check the registration data of cars and drivers.

The ability of the system to quickly recognize data and, after the information has been processed, to insert it automatically into other forms, provides for the rapid preparation of documents. The program can also translate texts from different languages, preventing the appearance of language barriers.

The software gives a wide range of actions from scanning to automation of the process. Our company offers before purchase to take advantage of the free version of the program to evaluate its capabilities. After the end of test mode, you can purchase the plugin or refuse to use it.

After purchasing the program, the user gets all the access rights and the possibility of free updates. Our specialists will help you with the installation and configuration of the service according to your requirements. With WiseDMV you will modernize your company and save your time on paperwork. The software is designed for processing a large amount of information, followed by data classification.

Customers, who have already used WiseDMV, appreciate the program possibilities. And thanks to new modules, it is easy to expand the system’s capabilities, as it is set to be continually upgraded. There is no limit to its perfection.

Automate Data Processing Within Your Organization

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