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Many companies have already gone through a backfile conversion and digitized their historical documents/files in order to be more efficient, reduce office space and adhere to security and HIPAA regulations. If you haven’t done so yet, then you are behind on times and most likely out of compliance with many regulations especially if your images have PHI or PII. Our highly skilled team is a perfect fit for these types of one-time projects. We can provide onsite or offsite management, handling, document scanning and processing to digitize your document/file library quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.

For those that have already digitized their paper documents and have digital forms, I know what you’re thinking. “I already went through a BackFile Conversion years ago, this is old news”.

Many customers think that because they digitized their legacy paper files years ago that they are out of the woods and completely compliant with all of the HIPAA and Security regulations. Well, as we are quickly finding out, that is not always the case.Chances are that the backfile conversion went something like this:

1.Files were prepped and organized into bundles or batches of similar documents.

2.The contents from each file cabinet were scanned into a folder with a certain naming convention:
      a. HR File Cabinet A-B
          i. HR File Cabinet A-B
          ii. Employee Files
          iii. Miscellaneous Info
      b. Each image was named with a generic name like XO0987334.pdf or HG899340.tif

3.The original documents were shredded.

If that was your version of a backfile conversion, then you are missing out on many efficiency gains provided by today’s technology. How much more efficient would your company be if you could search for a word or phrase and have all the images that contain that content display on your screen? Whether you’re in the Medical field or in Legal Services, quick access to data is critical. The same way that Google has transformed the way we search for content on the internet, the same concept applies to your digital files.

WiseTrend’s BackFile Conversion process will return fully-searchable, high quality PDF’s. Each PDF provided will have a text layer associated with the image which allows you to search, redact, copy and paste the information into any application.

This is what you get when trying to search on a basic image (Sample of a non-searchable PDF):

After going through WiseTrend’s BackFile Conversion you’ll be able to extract any data and paste it into any application (Sample of a searchable PDF)

Let us take the stress of document conversion to digital text off of you so that you can focus your attention where your business needs it most.

We have been converting documents for 20+ years and ensuring customer satisfaction. We make sure that your files are processed in a secure and efficient manner. At WiseTREND we value our customers and work with them throughout the entire process.

What other benefits are there by having a fully searchable PDF?

Well, think about when you email an image to someone…are you sure that there is no confidential information inside of the file? Well with a standard pdf application you’ll be able to quickly find confidential information and redact anything before sending it…saving you from a potential security breach.

Do your images have tables nested inside the document that you need text extraction for?

Not a problem….our back-file conversion can do the data capture and make it part of the new Searchable PDF. You can then search, copy and paste that table right into any other applications

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