WisePO – OCR solution for automated purchase order processing

Purchase order OCR solution for automated purchase order processing

WisePO enables businesses to start rapidly with Purchase Order processing automation using innovative AI- and Data Capture technologies of ABBYY FlexiCapture!

Deliveries play a significant role and are profitable for your business. Therefore, communication with the customer and the processing of documents must take place correctly. Our company offers to automate a purchase order with WisePO software. This simple, yet configurable solution will help increase your company’s efficiency by simplifying the transaction process.

For example, the software gives you the ability to sample by category:

  •  Customer.
  •  Address.
  •  Position.
  •  Phone.

And also reconcile entered data with ERP materials, conduct flexible checks and check data for errors. The software can be used in any sphere. It is especially actual in trade activities. The system proved itself well in action, as it allowed us to reduce labor costs on manual paperwork, thus increasing time spent on searching for new customers, which had a favorable effect on the profitability of enterprises. WisePO is indispensable in logistics. Software allows you to correctly register loading and unloading points, tracing transportation by car number, position, driver, and customer. By correctly configuring the data capture tools to your requirements, the user will get the information they need at the push of a couple of buttons. Installation of the software works with the help of our technical support, but, if desired, the customer can install it on a computer device by himself, following the instructions of the installation file.

purchase order processing

ABBYY FlexiCapture & WisePO

ABBYY FlexiCapture software is adapted for the implementation of various modules. So by installing the plugin you can customize it to your needs. The software is specially designed for work automation, so it is not difficult to issue a purchase order ocr. The system helps to save and analyze the received and entered information, making the work of the company’s employees much easier. The work of the software consists of several main stages:

– Scanning and processing of text with the improvement of its quality. Documents are entered in one flow and then distributed in a database, according to the criteria set in the settings of software.

– As the software is developed based on artificial intelligence, it learns and adapts to the demands. Therefore, the automated processing of purchase orders is done at the click of a mouse.

– The software always checks the document for errors and underlines them. The administrator has only to correct them and give the document for processing with further export.

Thanks to the introduction of our software, information exchange, delivery control, and data analysis are becoming easier, faster, and more comfortable.

How it works

purchase order automation

Experts have developed electronic data capture systems to make it easier for businesses to work with document management. WisePO software is easy to implement and automates data capture tools. Transactions go quickly electronically. Benefits of the software include:

  • Importing documents from different sources: scanner, email, web API, FTP.
  • Supplier classification with flexible verification parameters.
  • Exporting documents into ERP and RPA format and uploading them to the Sharepoint system.
  • Running the program locally and in the cloud with support for word processing applications.
  • Conversion of documents into different formats: JSON, CSV, XML.
  • Works with ODBC, FTP, RPA channels.
  • Implements a custom script for exporting with further integration and order processing.
  • Supports ootb.

Depending on the requirements of the company, WisePO can be extended with additional modules. It is giving the possibility of collecting data from different cells of the document and putting them into the system. The options for order processing are configurable by the user according to his requirements.

Trial version

It is necessary to accept the purchase order recognition solution immediately to have business success. The more orders, the greater the profit. Customers do not like to wait long. If you are hesitant to buy WisePO, we offer you a free trial. You will see for yourself how effective it is! Not only will it reduce labor costs, but it will also increase profits.

The WisePO trial is packed with standard features, so you can get the most out of your software. It does not conflict with the system installed in the enterprise and works well with other office applications. There is an administration interface for each user. It allows the software to be adjusted individually for each production department.

You can order software on our website by filling out a simple order form. Our managers will help with installation and provide support around the clock. After purchasing a license, you will have access to new updates that allow you to improve and train the software.

WisePO – Purchase Order automation

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