Purchase order OCR solution for automated purchase order processing

WisePO enables businesses to start rapidly with Purchase Order processing automation using innovative AI- and Data Capture technologies of ABBYY FlexiCapture!

Purchase orders play an important role in Supplier Management and Accounts Payables workflow. WiseTREND offers with WisePO a preconfigured and easy-to-use solution tailored to most common business requirements around purchase order automation, such as: Trainable field extraction models for accurate purchase order OCR and Data Capture, handling of addresses such as “Bill To” and “Ship To”, matching of Purchase Order header fields and line item positions against material data from ERP, flexible Validation Rules for efficient purchase order processing and much more! Purchase Order automation is never been so easy using WisePO plugin for ABBYY FlexiCapture!

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ABBYY FlexiCapture & WisePO

WisePO – purchase order automation solution built on top for ABBYY FlexiCapture – an enterprise Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform from leading AI- and OCR technology vendor: ABBYY. WisePO brings purchase order processing to a new level of operational efficiency and enables businesses rapidly begin with purchase order automation and set up an effective custom-tailored purchase order OCR and Data Capture processing workflow!

How it works

purchase order automation

WisePO is built by AI and Data Capture experts from WiseTREND respecting all industry best practices around purchase order automation. It can be easily integrated into an enterprise purchase order processing workflow and includes everything needed for a rapid launch: Multichannel-Import from various sources, Classification and vendor matching, flexible validation rules, powerful and extensible export connectors into Database, Sharepoint, RPA, ERP etc. The key benefits of using WisePO for automated purchase order OCR and Data Capture:

  • WisePO – purchase order automation software is available on-prem and Cloud and provides user-friendly Web and Desktop applications for scanning and verification purposes
  • WisePO supports automated conversion into most common industry formats such as: XML, CSV, JSON etc.
  • Ootb. it includes various export connectors to FTP, ODBC, RPA, Database, Sharepoint etc. along with a possibility to implement custom export scripts to integrate with your purchase order processing environment
  • Import channels like E-Mail, Scanner, Hot-Folder, FTP, Web API etc. are supported ootb.
  • WisePO can easily be extended to capture data from other fields/order types and its purchase order processing workflow is fully customizable using standard FlexiCapture project administration and development tools

Trial version

WisePO – purchase order OCR and Data Capture solution – is available at no cost as a trial version for evaluation purposes! WiseTREND team of purchase order processing experts will guide you through all the steps needed to set up your successful purchase order automation project!

WisePO – Purchase Order automation

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