WiseID – The ABBYY Flexicapture Plugin for ID Scanning

The ABBYY Flexicapture Plugin for ID Scanning

OCR for ID Cards

Our company offers WiseID for ABBYY Flexicapture Plugin for ID scanning and subsequent data entry into the database and information processing. OCR works with the help of a mobile and computer device, e-mail, scanner, and other applications. The software supports all document types that confirm a person’s identity: medical card, insurance card, driver’s and pensioner’s license, passport, student or school ID card, visas, and other documents.

The world of digital technology in today’s world must meet the expectations and demands of customers, improve business operations and ease language barriers. Today, everything is so modernized that no physical presence of a person is required to register and open a bank account. It is enough to scan your documents and authorize them in the resource. WiseID serves especially for such purposes.

The program combines mobile and modern technology with artificial intelligence. It simplifies and speeds up data collection. Our id card scanning software is a plugin for the ABBYY FlexiCapture system. It seamlessly integrates obtained information for all types of registrations. The software integrates the leading SDK on a smartphone to scan a document, capturing the image automatically. Document recognition is available in 64 different languages common in all corners of the world.

Advantages of the software include:

  • Multilingualism.
  • Support for different channels.
  • Automatic id card scanning.
  • Compatibility with other programs and applications.
  • A clear fixation of the image.
  • The ability to save a document in a different format.
  • The ability to improve the resulting image.

To learn in detail how our plugin works, ask a question in a chat on the site, or contact us in any convenient way.

Our specialists will tell you about the system in detail. They will offer you a trial version so that you could be sure of the convenience and practicality of the program.

ID Scanning

How does ID scanning work?

Automatic scanning supports all formats of ID documents. The program reads photographs and also TIN, full names, barcodes, residence registration, and other information in the document. The data can then be exported individually. It is convenient for applications and registrations. The program is suitable for all areas of business, including logistics, medical, banking, and insurance companies. The plugin is also suitable for the accounting department in the personnel formation department.

Passport scanner

Thanks to automatic capture, scanning is fast, speeding up the work process. To scan a passport, you typically use document processing on a device or scanner followed by integration of web capture and transfer to a server service.

An SDK will be required to process the data on the device, and recognition of the ID is done on the mobile device. The software supports offline and interactive scanning, taking only a few seconds.

You will require an Internet connection or network access to the OCR hosted in the cloud to process a document off-device. Since the software only captures the image of the document, the characters are recognized in the backend, so it takes some time to process the data. Processing works according to the order of the data scanned.

WEB CAPTURE serves to scan IDs from the browser. The program is integrated into the portal, web page, and mobile application, so it always requires a server connected to the Internet. The received data is immediately uploaded to the server.

The WiseID menu includes all the components necessary for scanning documents in any of the above-mentioned situations. The server processes 1500 different types of IDs valid in 220 different countries. The service is fully integrated with ABBYY FlexiCapture and is deployed locally or in the cloud. It does not take long to scan a driver’s license, pension card, tax identification number, passport, or other documents. You can get a mobile scanner right now by filling out the order form below, and we will call you back.

You do not need to take the flash drive and go to us. We will provide you with a link to download the program after processing your request.

You can immediately buy the plugin or use the trial version. After purchasing the program, customers receive free updates and enhanced features. Technical support is available around the clock, but you hardly need it. After all, installation is easy, and the WiseID menu is understandable even to a first-grader.

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