The ABBYY Flexicapture Plugin for ID Scanning

OCR for ID Cards

WiseID is a turn key solution for ID card scanning with a possibility to use real-time data capture to scan ID on mobile devices within of ID scanner, passport scanner, etc. apps. Many other identification documents are supported as well: Driver Licenses, Passports, Medical insurance cards, Visas, etc.

In digital transformation world, companies must fulfil customers’ expectations of simple and intuitive user experience during the registration or on-boarding processes. WiseID solution for ID scanning connects modern mobile technologies (also known as “ID scanner” or “passport scanner” apps) with enterprise AI- and Data Capture services for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). WiseID is an ABBYY FlexiCapture plugin for processing of IDs, Driver Licenses, Passports, Medical insurance cards, Visas and many other document types. It enables seamless integration into various on-boarding and KYC scenarios and delivers exceptional user experience by utilising innovative mobile-, AI- and data capture technologies. To scan ID or other identification documents using smartphone or tablet, WiseID integrates leading real-time mobile recognition SDK, which allows getting immediate results from on-device capture, even in Offline mode. Our ID scanner app performs OCR and text recognition in 64 languages and covers most countries of the world.

ID Scanning

How does ID scanning work?

Identification documents like driver license, passport, ID’s, etc. take an important part of modern KYC (Know Your Customer), user onboarding, registration process flows. Various business data (e.g. ID number, first name/last name, PDF 417 Barcode) from such documents will be captured, validated and exported using mobile apps like ID scanner, passport scanner, etc. or by utilizing of cloud-based ID scanning and capturing services.

Passport scanner

To scan ID typically following scenarios are applied: ON-DEVICE/OFF-DEVICE processing using ID scanner, passport scanner etc, apps or Web capture integration with a backend service.

ON-DEVICE requires a native SDK (Software Development Kit) and OCR takes place directly on the mobile device. Both online and offline ID scanning is possible and data capture/OCR just requires a few seconds or less.

OFF-DEVICE processing requires network or Internet connection to the backend OCR service which is typically is hosted in the Cloud. As ID scanner or passport scanner app only captures the image of ID or passport, all OCR/data capture activities take place on the backend and therefore some additional processing time for network transfers, managing task queue etc. is required.

WEB CAPTURE is used to scan ID directly from the browser. It can be integrated I any web page, Intranet portal or mobile web apps and always requires a backend application to run OCR/Data capture tasks on ID images. 

WiseID includes all necessary components for all scenarios mentioned above! Additionally, we offer backend processing service, which supports out-of-the-box data capture from over 1500 types/formats of ID, passport, driver license etc., across 220 countries. This service is fully integrated into ABBYY FlexiCapture workflow and can be deployed on-prem or as SaaS based application in the Cloud.

Scan ID, passport, driver license, etc. using innovative AI based data capture technologies or integrate mobile ID scanner, passport scanner, etc. apps into your KYC, user onboarding, registration process flows today!

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