Address OCR, address data verification and address capture software incl. powerful Web OCR address API services!

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WiseADDRESS – Address capture software for automated address OCR, address data verification and address validation against USPS database!

WiseADDRESS – Address capture software built by AI-

In document driven scenarios, the address OCR, address capture and address data verification, are important steps of almost every Data Capture processing workflow. Address blocks are located on most documents and contain essential business information, which can be used for vendor detection, address matching against ERP master data, for address validation purposes in KYC scenarios and quite often (like handling of the ShipTo-field during PO processing), addresses are the most important data fields to capture! WiseADDRESS – a turnkey address capture software, provides the fastest and most accurate address validation for any form entered, powered by ABBYY AI- and Data Capture technology. It’s an address OCR Add-On for ABBYY FlexiCapture, which captures address data and applies address matching against the USPS database to verify the accuracy or automatically correct any data inconsistency. Beyond the address capture, address data verification and automatic corrections, WiseADDRESS enriches address capture with additional valuable information, such as “ZIP +4 information”, which is most probably not located on the document, but available in the USPS database. Using WiseADDRESS, business uses can greatly reduce time and efforts required for manual data entry and address validation operations. Also WiseADDRESS eliminates common errors by address matching against the USPS database and provides powerful Web OCR address API for more advanced integration scenarios.

WiseADDRESS – Address capture software for automated address OCR

ABBYY FlexiCapture & WiseADDRESS

Built upon ABBYY FlexiCapture technology, you can now guarantee incredible accuracy for addresses captured and entered for any address located in the United States when you use WiseADDRESS. Getting addresses to be input accurately is important, but it can be incredibly time-consuming, if not impossible at times, for manual data capturing to verify the accuracy of an address. With access to the USPS database, WiseADDRESS provides record times on address verification.

OCR address API

ABBYY FlexiCapture & WiseADDRESS

WiseADDRESS –  address capture software for address OCR, address validation, address data verification, is built as a an Add-On on top of ABBYY FlexiCapture – an enterprise Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform from leading AI- and OCR technology vendor: ABBYY. WiseADDRESS supports all addresses in the USA and Puerto Rico and provides all necessary address OCR features to set up an efficient and highly automated address capture and address validation processing workflow!

How it works

WiseADDRESS meets main business requirements to an enterprise address capture software, such as: Import from various sources, address matching against USPS database, address data verification and  applying automatic data corrections, extendable validation rules, automated conversion to common data formats such as XML, CSV, JSON etc. along with customizable export into Database, Sharepoint, RPA, ERP etc. The key benefits of using WiseADDRESS for address OCR and Data Capture in automation projects:

  • WiseADDRESS – address capture software is available on-prem and Cloud and provides intuitive HTML5 and Desktop applications for scanning and verification purposes
  • WiseADDRESS supports automated conversion into standard formats such as: XML, CSV, JSON etc.
  • A direct export to RPA, MS Sharepoint, FTP, ODBC etc. along with a possibility to create custom exports using standard project administration tools of ABBYY FlexiCapture.
  • Import channels like E-Mail, Scanner, Hot-Folder, FTP, Web API etc. are available for integration into your processing environment.
  • Powerful Web OCR address API services can be used for advanced integration purposes.
  • Processing workflow is fully customizable and can be easily adapted to your address OCR processing requirements
OCR address API

Trial version

Start evaluating WiseADDRESS today! A free trial version is available and WiseTREND team of experienced Data Capture and address OCR experts will help you to make your address capture and address validation project to a great success!

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