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The ABBYY FlexiCapture Plugin for Addresses


The ABBYY FlexiCapture Plugin for Addresses

The ABBYY OCR Technology That Will Save Your Business Time

WiseADDRESS provides the validation that all of your business’ information is correct. Plain and simple, WiseADDRESS provides the fastest and most accurate address validation for any form entered, with ABBYY OCR technology powering the backend. This software processes the addresses captured and checks them against the USPS database to verify the accuracy or correct any inconsistency. Getting addresses correct is important, and this software makes sure you get it right.
WiseADDRESS software

If the address is incorrect, the software provides you with an error code. This error code will inform your team that there is an incorrect address and provide you with the code needed to solve the problem. Once the address verification is returned, if there is an error, WiseADDRESS solves the problem and provides a correction. The time from initial validation to final correction is a sliver of the time that manual data capture employees would need to complete the process and is much more accurate in the results that it provides.

Beyond the post office address capture, verification and corrections, WiseADDRESS provides additional information that many times is useful during data transfers. ZIP +4 information and other details possibly not included in the initial form, but included in the USPS database, can be transferred by the letter label OCR to help provide more value.

ABBYY FlexiCapture & WiseADDRESS

Built upon ABBYY FlexiCapture technology, you can now guarantee incredible accuracy for addresses captured and entered for any address located in the United States when you use WiseADDRESS. Getting addresses to be input accurately is important, but it can be incredibly time-consuming, if not impossible at times, for manual data capturing to verify the accuracy of an address. With access to the USPS database, WiseADDRESS provides record times on address verification.

Where WiseADDRESS Fits Into Your Workflow

Where WiseADDRESS Fits into Your Workflow

The health claims processing software from WiseCLAIM is incredibly beneficial to all organizations that enter data from health care claim forms, UBs and EOBs.
When you are trying to streamline your process, WiseADDRESS takes what seems like a small component and cuts time that would be otherwise spent by your employees. Addresses are an important data point when using the OCR to scan forms. Not only does the data need to be accurately captured, but it is crucial that the information on the form itself is verified as correct. The WiseADDRESS plugin helps with this part of the process. Once the address is captured, WiseADDRESS verifies its correctness and provides additional feedback within a fraction of the time and allows for more data to be processed and transferred accurately.

Record Times For Address Capture And Verification

ABBYY OCR software provides the framework for creating a solution that makes record times for capturing and verifying any address in the US or Puerto Rico. Hours that would have been spent making sure every address was accurate can now be used in more productive ways thanks to WiseADDRESS. Time and accuracy are the two most valuable assets that anyone has during data capture and transfer. This plugin increases the productivity through an elimination of wasted time capturing addresses. It also eliminates common errors by checking information against the USPS database.

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